Sha Xiaotong: The world's top eight in terms of lamp scale is made in China.

The opening ceremony of the Asian Games, which featured Lingnan characteristics last night, shocked hundreds of millions of viewers. Behind the beautiful audio-visual feast, the colorful stage lights play a decisive role.

Sha Xiaotong, chief designer of the opening ceremony of the Asian Games, revealed yesterday that the opening ceremony used 5,000 baht, the highest in the world, surpassing the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai World Expo.

The world with the largest scale of lights

The perfect combination of performance lighting and urban landscape

"Light is the soul of the stage. With the paving of light, the stage can be lively. The opening ceremony can be so infectious and vital, and the computer lights are indispensable." Guangzhou Asian Games, the chief designer of the Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremony lighting Sha Xiaotong, chief designer of the opening ceremony, said.

Sha Xiaotong said that the biggest feature of the opening ceremony of the Asian Games was the combination of performance lighting and urban landscape lighting. The landscape lights on both sides of the Pearl River were completely part of the opening ceremony, not a simple foil. In the same stage as a motorboat show, the lights on both sides of the Pearl River are critical.

According to Sha Xiaotong, the total number of lights used in the opening ceremony reached 5,000 baht, and about 4,000 baht was made in China, reaching 80%. From the actual effect, the domestic lighting has completely completed the task, and has met the requirements in terms of brightness and precision of the light, and greatly saved the cost. The price of these domestic lamps is usually only half that of similar foreign lamps. The largest stage lighting supplier for the Guangzhou Asian Games is also a local company in Guangzhou.

For the sake of security

200 people team to check the computer lights

Sha Xiaotong said that because of the scale of the lights, it has set the world's largest outdoor events, and the control of the lights is not only reflected in the opening ceremony, but also on the banks of the Pearl River. Therefore, ensuring the light color, light ratio and safety of these lights has become the biggest difficulty of the opening lights. To this end, Sha Xiaotong and the team of more than 200 people examined each computer light before the opening ceremony, including the landscape lights on both sides of the Pearl River. All the problems were replaced. Even the monitoring system was installed on the lights on both sides of the Pearl River, and you can see which lights are not lit in the background.

In the end, in the opening ceremony of the evening, the ships, sails, the sea and the flowers alternated. Each scene was matched with an artistic conception. The lights bloomed from time to time, sometimes gathered, sometimes smashed, sometimes splendid, and the color of the computer lights The performance is vivid.

"At the opening ceremony, the east wind was blown in the evening. Two fireworks were released. After the fireworks were fired, the smoke of the fireworks blew from the river surface. The lights in the venue were a little muddy, and some of them were not very clear, especially when the flag entered the scene. At the closing ceremony, we will improve.” He also said that the tone of the opening ceremony was warm and shocking, and the keynote of the closing ceremony was moving and reluctant. Therefore, the use of lighting will be very different from the opening ceremony.

It is understood that since the opening ceremony of this Asian Games is held outdoors, the requirements for brightness and color saturation are higher. The lighting supplier set up a technical research team and spent nearly a year to overcome technical problems.

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