October China Touch Market Analysis Report

October China Touch Market Analysis Report

In October 2013, in the touch-control market in China, Lenovo continued to lead the brand watch list. Asustek’s brand awareness rose sharply, and its attention to the rankings returned to the third place. In terms of new products, as the second generation of Lenovo's Yoga series is fully launched, flipping the touch screen is once again being favored by users, and the product attention rate has exceeded 20%.

Report Highlights • Brand Landscape: Over 90% of mainstream brand users are concerned, and ASUS and HP are concerned about their rankings.

• Product Landscape: The Dell Ins14 RD-2628 is the most popular concern, and the Shenzhou UT43 D1 has a price advantage.

• Product Type: The degree of interest in foreign brand products has risen slightly, and flip-over deformation is favored by users.

• Price structure: The price segment of the product in the price range of 5000-7999 yuan is the highest, and that of the product in the price range of 3000-4999 yuan is increasing.

• Product Features: The core touch screen card has dominated the market, and the mechanical hard drive products have increased their attention.

• Brand analysis: Lenovo’s brand awareness has continued to rise, and ASUS’ product price advantage has been prominent.

First, the brand attention pattern • mainstream brand users attention over 90% in October touch the market, Lenovo (including Thinkpad) continues to lead the brand attention list, its attention reached 25.2%; Dell, Asus and Sony, respectively, with 18.7%, 14.5% and 11.9% of users are ranked second to fourth in terms of user attention, and other brand users are less than 10%. From the distribution of brand awareness, the top ten brands have accumulated 99% of the market's share of attention, and the attention of mainstream brands is relatively concentrated.

• Asus and Hewlett-Packard are concerned about rising rankings. Compared with September-October brand awareness data, this month's Lenovo (including Thinkpad) attention is 25.2%, down 1.2% from September; Dell, Asus and Hewlett-Packard brand awareness have increased significantly. ASUS rose from 11.3% in September to 14.5% in October, and its ranking also returned to third place. By contrast, the attention of Sony and Toshiba brands has declined, and the attention of other brands has remained relatively stable.

Second, the product focus on the pattern (A) product focus on the pattern • Dell Ins14 RD-2628 most concerned about the touch in October this market, Dell Ins14 RD-2628 the highest popularity, its product attention reached 8.4%, compared with other products leading the obvious advantages . Lenovo's Yoga13-IFI (Yueyueyin) and ASUS Vivobook S400EI3317CA won the runner-up and second runner-up, with a user focus of 4.8% and 3.9%. Regarding the product aspect ratio gap, with the exception of the Dell Ins14 RD-2628 users' attention of more than 5%, the second to tenth product competition is fierce.

• Shenzhou UT43 D1 occupies price advantage From the market quotation of the listed products, the average price of the ten products is 5,208 yuan, and there are six products below 5,000 yuan, of which the relative price of the Shenzhou UT43 D1 is the lowest and the market price is only 3,999 yuan. ; Microsoft Surface Pro (64GB / Chinese version) is the highest relative price, reaching 6588 yuan. As a whole, the products on the list this month are mainly concentrated in the price segment of 4500-5500 yuan.

(II) Product Features 1. Product Types • Foreign Brand Product Attention Increased Slightly in October In the touch market, ZDC statistics show that foreign brands still occupy the mainstream of the market, and its product attention rate reaches 71.4%, which is 42.8 higher than domestic brands. %, user attention is relatively concentrated. Concerned about changes in the proportion of foreign brands this month, a slight increase in the degree of attention, from 70.4% in September rose to 71.4% in October.

• Flip-up deformation The increase in attention rate due to the unique advantages of the operation makes “deformation” better reflected in the touch itself. In the touch market of October, the ZDC statistics show that the degree of attention of this product is 20.3%. Compared with the other three kinds of deformed touchbooks, the user's attention is more concentrated. As for the proportion of products concerned about the change in proportion, the user’s interest in flipping the touch screen this month rose from 18.2% in September to 20.3% in October, a larger increase.

2, the price structure • 5000-7999 yuan price segment products accounted for the highest percentage of ZDC statistics, touch the market in October, 5000-7999 yuan price segment products accounted for the highest, reaching 39.5%; 3000-4999 yuan price segment to 30.4% of the products accounted for the second place, and other products accounted for less than 20%. On the whole, the product price competition in the price range of 5000-7999 yuan in the touch market is fierce.

• 3000-4999 yuan price segment product attention degree rose compared to September-October prices of different products concerned about the proportion of data, this month's 3000-4999 yuan and 5000-7999 yuan price segment product user attention is relatively more concentrated, respectively, reached 39.3% and 38.8%, the rest of the price segment products are below 20%. Concerned about the proportion of changes in the 3000-4999 yuan price segment product attention has risen, affected by the price of 5000-7999 yuan price segment product attention has declined, the other price segment product attention relative remained stable.

3, graphics card structure • Core graphics card touch the favored by the touch in the market in October, ZDC statistical data show that the use of core graphics touch screen is still favored by the user, product attention reaches 59.0%; dual graphics card touch The control book ranked second with 21.2% of users' attention, and other graphics card products have relatively low attention. Concerned about the proportion of changes, this month's attention to discrete graphics products rose 3.4% compared to September, the core graphics card, integrated graphics and dual graphics products attention to varying degrees of decline.

4. Hard disk structure • Concern about the increase in mechanical hard disk products Contrast between September and October in different types of hard disk products Attention data, in October, SSD solid-state hard disks and mechanical hard disks touch the attention of this user is relatively more concentrated, in which SSD hard disk products subject Users favored it with a 48.4% interest. Concerned about the proportion of changes, mechanical hard drive products this month, attention has increased, other types of hard disk users remain relatively stable.

Third, the brand analysis (a) concerned about the proportion of trends • Lenovo brand attention has continued to rise trend in October touch the market, the impact of the 11 Golden Week, the attention of mainstream brands in the 1st to the 7th of this month With varying degrees of increase, Dell has seen a large increase from 14.1% on the 1st to 18.7% on the 7th. Overall, Lenovo’s brand awareness continued to rise, while Dell and Asus all declined after Golden Week.

(II) Analysis of average price of products • Asus's price advantage highlights its touch in the market in October. ZDC statistics show that the average price of the entire market this month was 6546.6 yuan, up 57.4% from September. Among mainstream brands, the average price of Lenovo products is relatively highest, reaching 6249.8 yuan. Both Dell and Asus have an average price of 6,000 yuan or less. The average price of ASUS products is 5200.4 yuan, which is 1346.2 yuan lower than the average price of the overall market. The price advantage is more prominent.

ZDC concluded: Due to the impact of the Golden Week in this month, the price of 3000-4999 yuan in the touch screen market has increased significantly. In terms of product types, foreign brands still occupy a dominant position in the market. In order to achieve breakthroughs in domestic brands, while making use of their own price advantages, technological innovation is indispensable.

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