Nightmare finally ends Oculus Rift is no longer out of stock now

As soon as the Oculus Rift is mentioned, the people now think of the estimates as the lack of shipments and the emergence of the HTC Vive. Fortunately, the difficulties seem to have finally passed, and Oculus Corporation officially announced that all pre-orders have been completed!

The Oculus Connect 3 Developers Conference is about to begin. In an official blog post announcing the news, the company revealed that “all Rift bookings are now available and Rift orders completed through the official website will work from 2 to 4 jobs. Reached within the day."

The last part of this passage is very noteworthy. Some time ago, HTC also announced that Vive's shipments have met all the requirements in almost the same way. In the previous months, Oculus had been suffering from insufficient production capacity of “a key component”, resulting in slow delivery. It now appears that Oculus has finally solved the biggest crisis it has faced since its official launch.

Although the Oculus Rift has always had its first-mover advantage, it is because of this "unexpected component shortage." It does not seem to be more advanced in the minds of players nowadays. HTC Vive with more guaranteed shipments is popular. Many consumers who placed orders at the very beginning of booking began to wear out their patience for months and months, not to mention the impact of the exclusive game lock device incident on the company’s reputation.

Another good news is that Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe also announced that Rift’s exclusive controller Oculus Touch shipment date was determined – although he did not mention the specific date, but it was clearly in the fourth quarter of 2016. In the subsequent tweets, he even confirmed that there will be "more than 5,000" versions of the Oculus Touch developers before the release of developers to prepare for the application of the accessories support.

The Oculus Touch is a controller designed for the Oculus Rift in order to allow players to see their "hands" while wearing VR heads. In terms of design, the Oculus Touch is the best among the peripheral accessories of several major products, because it does not affect the huge immersive appearance, more key positions and reasonable layout. Unfortunately, Oculus Touch was not sold with the Oculus Rift.

In today's VR market, there are only two dominant products: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The former has always been regarded as scarce due to lack of shipments. Today, the two VR head-up products are already on the right track in production, and perhaps the fight between them has only just begun.

For domestic players, the normal delivery of the Oculus Rift may mean that its price in the e-commerce network is finally normalized. Taking into account the installation and erection of the HTC Vive requires a certain degree of indoor space and renovation work, using the front infrared camera to complete the positioning of the Rift may be a more convenient and affordable choice.

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