Dreaming and confusing - Focal Little Bird Sound

The cover is the official website map, he is not able to shoot that kind of temperament. Speaking of the bird, it is still seen in the evaluation of the aunt. At the time, someone had a horizontal comparison of the MM, C5 and the bird, and then they had been worried about this 2.1 desktop speaker. Since the 15th Five-Year-Five, we have started to worry about it. However, because the price of the Bank of China is too expensive, the price of the sea is different and the cost of transshipment is staggering. We are also afraid of encountering violent courier. This year on the salted fish I happened to see one of my brothers, Deya, bought several and prepared for it. I couldn't hold back for a while. . . Then there is a wave of love and hate, and no spontaneous story.

One, out of the box

The size of the bird's box was beyond my imagination. It was only after I saw it. The handsome businessman of the transaction is a Shanghai native. I am not afraid to spare half a demon to find him on the rainy evening. Finally he dragged the box along and sent me back. Otherwise, it would be half a life to lift the big box on the subway. . Can be seen inside and outside the two carton, the package is very good, white power bird box.

The satellite box is wrapped in foam and is embedded in the carton. It is very stable.

The power bird and the satellite box are basking in the sun. The power bird of the bird is similar to the big bird. The difference is that the satellite box is not the same size.

All open, the family portrait, satellite box in front of the replacement triangle support.

Take off clothes to reveal the real body, below is the bass unit. The power bird can be erected or laid flat.

The family portrait, the brackets for packaging out the satellites are discs, but it is obvious that the included triangular brackets are more handsome and nice!

This is a multi-component, two iron pieces that can be snapped together when the power bird is hung on the wall. However, the Dongdong like the dust-proof net below did not know what it was used for, and it was puzzling. Just let it go.

Sea Amoy most egg pain should be the warranty it, this is also behind me to Tucao blood history. However, in fact, focal itself comes with a warranty card, but it is necessary to send the warranty card to France within 10 days of purchase. . . Face black, silently closed up, do not seem to want to toss.

Second, Set up

Tossed for a long time, put on his own table, replaced the satellite box, does not look handsome?

Power Bird rear view, first saw the instructions toss for a long time to understand. On the side of the model self-check switch, the three switches correspond to large, medium, and small birds, which one to buy, and the remaining one is the corresponding change gear position of the satellite box placed on one side or both sides of the Power Bird. . . But in the case of fungus, the difference is not heard. The digital signal input corresponds to the input of the coaxial line and the light. As a small white wood has entered the metaphysics gate, its graphics card has no fiber port, or it has bought a two-point RCA line with analog input.

Put the Power Bird flat, the front is the analog, digital, Bluetooth input switch, there is a headphone output jack, plus a volume adjustment knob, the overall match with the piano paint texture, simply pleasing. To rush this feeling, forced a wave.

With the built-in remote control, it is interesting to note that when the remote control adjusts the volume, the knob on the front panel also rotates. The remote control is also a painted panel. . . It is easy to collect fingerprints

In the end, I came up with an overall picture. My monitor is 24-inch, and everyone feels it. I am taking a picture. The actual height is slightly higher. So the birdie should be just good as a desktop speaker. The bird is too big to fit on the table. Then my Power Bird was placed directly on the table, just like the corner desk. . . I feel great, but then I do not know the story that will happen later.

Third, use

On the evening of setting up the bird, I couldn't wait to hear it. Formerly under the white, the bass is strong and powerful, the mid-frequency bright, and the emotional treble is clear and transparent. This metaphysical evaluation is inextricable. However, it is proper that the 3w speaker that comes with the monitor is burst. Listening to the current feeling is to enjoy listening to music. It is very comfortable whether it is pop, rock, classical, male or female. Like the feel of a plug like the W40, it doesn’t burn, and it always feels like listening. When watching a movie, turn up the bass and you have a cinematic feel. The bass may not be so shocking to communicate with a base friend who has heard of c5, but it is undoubtedly a victory in other parts. Afterwards, you may buy a set of boxes for your home. Later you can compare them horizontally.

But! It seems like a cool look to see how I describe it, but it actually doesn't work on my second day on the table!

It does not work! !

It does not work! ! !

I had a picture of my own speaker on that night. How can I tell you that the next day is bad! ! ! !

Still can not forget, the next day I came home from work, can not wait to turn on the computer to want to listen to the song when the Power Bird's panel light is not lit, when not working, the kind of WTF mood.

Bad, bad the next day! How to do? ! ! Or sea Amoy no warranty! ! ! ! Looking for the seller to confirm the next, he bought five sold four, as far as my appearance of this situation. . . I set my sights on the official website and wrote an English appeal letter in the past without any information. . . There was no response at all times when there was no power cut, plug change, socket change, and electricity plugging in again. . . Searching the Internet several times, this time only to find this box is more niche, wood was bought! ! ! ! ! How to break

In the online search, there is a large site in Shanghai Shenma horse repair, claiming that home repair is very tired, I hold a try to the heart of intelligence, a home repair, dead horse when living horse medicine. At that time, I was ready to go to the domestic agent's fine arts, spend more money to repair the preparations, after all, what they bought, with tears have to be repaired! Ever since, an engineer came to look at it and opened it up and discovered that it was actually a power amplifier circuit board. Although he had this knowledge as an engineering man, he was still somewhat disappointed.

As a male self-cultivation, I was also tossing about it. I felt that there was a problem with the power circuit. I could not supply electricity and I could not work. But still have to listen to professional is not, when the master took the apprentice to come, looked for a long time and said to bring back to carefully engage in, for the sake of the future, I tearfully sent away the not yet hot birds.

This was more than a week, and there was a 51 in the middle. Then the master gave me a reluctant look and told me that after some tests, he felt that there was no problem with the hardware. There should be problems with the system software and maintenance could not be done. At that time, my heart was chilling and exhausting. That night, I was wondering whether I would continue to toss in the official website of France and send it to France or send it to Guangzhou for the arts and crafts. . . The ghost makes a miracle on Taobao! ! Then I found one, and the uncle said that many of the amplifiers in Shanghai are looking for him to repair! Niubi flashes, suddenly made me feel hope. So another toss, first took the bird and sent it to the Jing'an District for repairs, holding the bird on the subway and pulling the wind. . .

But! ! After all, is a panacea! ! After all, masters are hidden! ! ! The uncle called me the next day and told him that he took it down and fixed it, and that it was repaired. The two welding spots on the Power Bird's power supply were too close to each other, resulting in a short circuit that prevented him from booting. He helped me handle it and fix it. I said Well, it is definitely a problem with the power supply. I believed that the teacher in front of the evil, but also believe that the software problem. However, as an optimistic young man, I didn’t care much about these details. In the end, I went back home with a repaired bird and a subway bus. After all, as long as it works, it's my greatest happiness. I didn't care because of the traces of repairing twice. I didn't care, I didn't care. Going back also rubbed a dozen times, although it could not wipe off. . .

Fourth, summary

The bird was definitely a good stuff, but it wasn't running. My desktop speaker burned this and he didn't want to make it (of course it was shy). However, Haitao will encounter such problems, except that the problem is really troublesome in repairing. Of course, if something like me is coming back the next day, it will be bad and it will be bad. In addition to those voltage mismatch, 110V adapter forced to burn on the 220V power, my uncle said this maintenance is very rare, but the design of the circuit itself may also be related. Write this original, but also want value friends who share the same situation to share the experience, Taobao God or more, not necessarily those who claim to have more powerful on the official website.

There is also the risk of sea scouring, and the transfer needs to be more cautious; the warranty is a problem, but it is not irresolvable.

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