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The day before yesterday suddenly saw a naked eye 3D smart entertainment equipment, looked at the parameters directly. This device can be carried on the go. You can watch 3D movies and play 3D games on the subway, bus, and train at any time. It's so cool and convenient to think about. I live in Beijing, and I have to bus and subway every day to get to and from work. The biggest headache for crowded subway work is the peak of commuting. I often brush mobile news because I'm bored. With this device, I can watch 3D movies on my way to work. Now.

Well, still get into the topic, let's officially start my experience:

Let's talk about the appearance after getting the goods:

After getting the 3DBox, you can see that the box's workmanship is still very exquisite, the black part of the outer package feels great, a little feel like Nokia's polycarbonate shell, with a little touch of the skin.
From the box we can see the positioning of this product: naked eye 3D smart entertainment terminal, but also can see VR ah.

Attach some pictures:

Did you read texture?

After removing the outer packaging, the white box packaging is also a very simple design, similar to the iPhone, iPad's packaging style, the box's damping is also very good, lift the lid, the following will slide down.

Open the package, you can see the inside of the box, the machine itself, charger, charging cable, manual and some other small things, it is relatively simple.

In addition, it also comes with stickers, warranty cards, quick start, and wiping cloth (I didn't understand why I would match a wiping cloth and I would find it really useful).

The following return to the body itself, the panel cover open button, power button, USB interface, headphone jack, and a microSD card socket, in addition there is no other buttons and interfaces, the overall design of the fuselage is also simple Lord, there is a great future. After the machine is opened, it has a zigzag design. The lower part of the machine has a support board that can support the body, so that the viewing angle is very comfortable.

The back of the microSD card. The body comes with a 32GB Class10 micro SD card, the actual measured write speed is about 40MB/s, or very fast


This camera is also the key technology of this machine. It can optimize different positions and fine-tune it by identifying the position of the human eye and matching the most suitable viewing screen.

The side of the fuselage

From this point of view, we can clearly see the structure of the fuselage

In general, the visual effect of this naked-eye 3D product is still very good, because the image will be adjusted according to the person's movement, so it will not appear uncomfortable, or the moving angle will not be clear. The naked-eye 3D product that I came in contact with was supposed to be a 3D mobile phone supported by HTC. However, the experience of this product gave me a big discount on the naked-eye 3D score. Once I experienced this 3DBox again, I started to look forward to some extent. The development of naked-eye 3D in the future.

Actual viewing effect:

Because you can download the corresponding content from the official 3Dstore inside the 3DBOX to watch and play, you need to download an APP in the Apple device after booting.

After downloading, you can control 3DBOX and play content through APP:

UI design is simple and straightforward:


The current machine built-in archery, samurai revenge, and mini-blood battle 2: Zombies, personally feel more fun is the mini bloody 2: zombies.
It has to be said that the 3DBox game's 3D effects experience is still very good. Although it is only a small game, compared to the traditional games, the addition of only one 3D technology provides more freshness and flexibility for the game. Playability, in addition, 3DBox also supports the download of the game to bring their own app store, the current application of the store is not much, but predictably, there will be many fun and interesting games to join later, which will greatly Improve the playability of this machine. The brain hole is wide open, if it shows FIFA, World of Warcraft, Street Fighters can play, it must be cool.

to sum up

Overall, 3DBox is still a very good product, 3D display is very good, the game experience is also good, there is no problem connecting the box with a handle, in terms of entertainment terminals, 3D movies, 3D games, can Excellent job completion.

Looking back at the positioning of this product, the naked eye 3D smart entertainment terminal, this machine is still very good to complete the task, if there are more large-scale game support in the later period, I will indulge in these games, after all, It has a better experience and a better visual experience than 2D. 3DBox is indeed the 3D display device that I have come into contact with. It looks most comfortable and works best. If a sentence gives a summary of 3DBox, then it is "great ideas, good 3D effects, details need to be strengthened."

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