Detailed application of LED high frequency electrodeless lamp

High-frequency induction lamp——A new energy-saving green light source in colleges and universities in the 21st century. By coupling energy into the bulb by high-frequency induced magnetic field, the gas in the bulb is avalanched and ionized. The plasma is spontaneously irradiated when the excited atom returns to the ground state. With 254nm ultraviolet light, the fluorescent powder on the inner wall of the bulb is excited by ultraviolet light to emit invisible light. Because there is no electrode or filament, it avoids the traditional light source to limit the life factor, and the life is very long, ≥6000 hours. Power factor ≥98%, instant start and restart, system light efficiency ≥63lm/w, color temperature 2700k-6500k, color rendering>80, working environment temperature-25°C-50°C, integrated light of Aizhuo high frequency electrodeless lamp The parameters are optimal, and its high luminous efficiency and low power consumption are more than 60% energy efficient than other light sources. Due to the use of solid amalgam, it will not pollute the environment, more than 99% can be recycled, no stroboscopic, low heat, no light pollution. Long life requires no maintenance and frequent replacement, saving a lot of human and material resources. Therefore, Ai Zhuo high-frequency electrodeless lamps are favored by the society and are widely used in factories, shopping malls, office buildings, classrooms, streets, parking lots, gas stations, stadium tubes, bridges, etc. It is especially used in places where green lamps, tunnel lights, subways, billboards, cold storage and other lamps are difficult to maintain, saving a lot of electricity and maintenance costs for users.
At the same time, LED has also attracted the attention of the lighting industry with the characteristics of energy saving.
Recently, many street lighting institutes, lighting design engineering companies and other cooperative units have exchanged views with Ai Zhuo high-frequency electrodeless lamps and LEDs in the field of street lighting applications. Now share with you:
Simple comparison of 120w high frequency electrodeless lamp and 120w LED
1, the price aspect. In the same case of luminous flux, the market price of Ai Zhuo high-frequency electrodeless lamp is more than 10,000 yuan, and the market price of LED is more than 10,000 yuan, a difference of 10 times.
2, light efficiency. Ai Zhuo high-frequency electrodeless lighting effect is greater than 63Lm / w, and LED light efficiency is around 30Lm / w. Therefore, the same 120w, Ai Zhuo high-frequency electrodeless lamp brightness is 2-4 times higher than LED.
3. Light decay. When the Ai Zhuo high-frequency electrodeless lamp is used for 60,000 hours, its lumen maintenance rate can be maintained above 70%. The LED light decay is difficult to control, and some of them have only used less than 1000 hours and their lumens have dropped by more than 50%.
4, visual effects. The color temperature of Ai Zhuo high-frequency electrodeless lamp is 2700k-6500k, various colors can be customized, the color rendering index can reach 80, high frequency without flicker. Looks more realistic than other light sources. The 120w LED is packaged by many small wattage LEDs and is a multi-point source. Therefore, under the LED, the picture is dim, the color is deviated, the overlap is heavy, the light pollution is prominent, and it is easy to cause visual fatigue and even cause traffic safety problems.
5. Life expectancy. Ai Zhuo high-frequency electrodeless lamp has no filament, long electrode life, ≥60000, strong environmental adaptability, -25°C-50°C, power supply 100V-265V, strong shock resistance, LED life is also ≥100000 hours, but due to packaging Problems such as design, assembly, etc., especially the heat dissipation problem can not be effectively solved, the actual life is greatly shortened, and many use failures in less than 1000 hours, especially when combined with high-power lamps. LED performance deteriorates severely with the use of time, and the deterioration is strongly affected by ambient temperature, operating current, voltage dip, and the like. In order to make the LED brighter, only the driving current can be increased, which causes the heat to be too fast, causing the illumination to drop twice or even burn out.

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