Desheng cracked high-power LED light cooling problem with multiple certifications and large orders

Through more than two years of independent innovation, Zhejiang Desheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. solved the worldwide problem of high-power LED lamp cooling, and achieved no reduction in brightness for 5 years.

The science and technology department believes that this breakthrough in core technology has won China's right to speak in the global LED lighting application terminal market competition, and also provides a model for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to innovate and start a business and explore the path of transformation and upgrading.

Energy efficiency is the competitiveness of LED lighting products. Since the light efficiency of the "Desheng" Led Street Light system reaches 102.8lm/W, the 100W LED street light is equivalent to a high-pressure sodium lamp of about 400W. Under the same brightness, the power consumption is less than 1/4 of the original, and the energy-saving efficiency is as high as 75%. This makes the life of the Led Street Lamp greatly extended, and the light decay rate of 30,000 hours is only 15%, and the brightness of the 5 years can be basically reduced.

In the past six months, “Desheng” has passed many certifications such as EU “CE”, international environmental protection “POHS”, “14001 Environmental System” and “IP65”, and passed the first 30W to 150W specifications in China. The street lighting of the US "UL" certification system more than 100 items physical inspection. During the May Day holiday, Desheng has received more than 10 batches of foreign merchants who have come to visit and signed more than 10 million US dollars in orders.

Our Led Flood Light is energy saving,led based,wash fixture,incorporating high power LEDs. LED color is available in RGB color changing,or single color. Our products are supplied with a low current and thereby generate long-lasting light.Other manufacturers supply LEDs with a maximum current,to generate the required brightness with less LED chips,however,has negative effects on the longevity of every single LED.Our products are manufactured with more LED chips.And the housing is composed of die-casting aluminum fixture,good at resistance against oxidation,making the housing durable,exquisite and graceful,waterproof well,. Constant current driving ensure the stable and reliable performance. Adjustable beam angle to fulfill your satisfactory effect. Led flood light is widely applied in building facade,stadium,flyover,monument,park and parterre,to render the atmosphere,increasing the visual effect.

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