Millet Box 3 How ROOT? Detailed ROOT tutorial

Millet box 3 how ROOT access to the highest authority, many friends for the first time to get the millet box 3 to do is crack the ROOT, here to share the millet box 3ROOT tutorial, prior statement: ROOT risk, operation need to be cautious.

Prepare in advance: ROOT tool: microUSB cable

First, download and install ROOT tools:

Click to download ROOT software

Second, open the ADB debug box, and use a microUSB cable to connect the computer

1, temporarily shut down the PC on the anti-virus software, computer housekeeper, mobile assistant and other software

2. Use the remote control to operate the millet box, enter the "millet box settings", and "account and security", set the "ADB debugging" option to "Allow."

3. Use MicroUSB data cable to connect the box with the PC (recommended to use a laptop so that the box HDMI connection TV)

4. When the PC is connected to the box for the first time, the box needs to be connected to the TV. "Allow USB debugging?" will appear on the TV. Use the remote control to check “Always Allowed” and click OK.


5 open a key ROOT, a key ROOT will be installed on the box ROOT tools, use the remote control to agree to install

Third, click to start ROOT

Tip: It may fail several times, please try several times





Crack complete! Then install the sofa butler, sofa desktop and other applications, you can DIY DIY box millet 3 desktop, download more third-party applications.

Entering the main interface of the sofa butler will be able to see a wealth of smart TV application recommendations, such as on-demand pudding video, TV cat video;

Live class vst aggregation, HDP live, etc.