The first player to beat the fans at the beginning of the game --- Cayin N5 washboard

One night two months ago, I went to the school entrance and I used to buy a fried rice flourisher to stay up late. Auntie said, sold out, come back early tomorrow. Suddenly feel lost, wronged, and said: I'll graduate tomorrow. The canteens, which once were not so popular, were mixed with roadside stands for waste oil, and they became a trace of emotion that could not be dispelled in the dead of night. Four years of unfamiliar people, suddenly cooked up in the two weeks, and then dispersed. Some roads always have to go by themselves; some loneliness always needs to bear. I dragged my suitcase and quietly left the campus where everyone called me to head to the train station. On the path of sadness, there was no wind and rain, only the music of the different melody came through the membrane of the headphones. It is a blessing to be associated with music.

Over the past few years, people’s living standards have steadily improved. The pursuit of quality of life has led to more and more people playing with cars, playing tables, and playing Hifi. According to my understanding, playing Hifi is a big pit. Not to mention anything else, the next non-destructive album is still on the GB, and one month down the estimated need to give yourself a mobile hard drive, a fancier think there is a little "taste" of the headset will have four figures, but Hifi Headphones also need to have a good drive to better play their own strength. Therefore, the player is also crucial, and it also takes four digits. Together with the front end, the monthly salary is also fully contributed to their ears. But the enjoyment that music brings to us does not seem to be measured by superficial money. This is a very good idea (by kou), and finally condensed into three words, "buy, buy, buy!"

As an engineering student and junior level listener, and I have just entered the community with a low salary, I still remain sensible and advocating for rational consumption. Systems such as Taiwan-based speakers will not be considered for the time being. Into the player plus headphones for a time can be considered in the range. Cayin company I also pay attention for some time, some time ago heard his family's C5dac, but also gave me a good impression. It is not the best thing to produce, but the same price can not find a more advantageous product, the same advantage of the product's price is also lower than other families so hundreds of pieces, coupled with the state-owned enterprise style, labor and materials are More reliable.

It is estimated that Cayin N6 is the product of many friends who have an impression on Cayin. The appearance of the powerful drum washing machine left a deep imprint on everyone's minds. I am no exception. That is, the price of 3799 is prohibitive for me who is still at the stage of the student party. However, I have read many praises from the oil companies. I look forward to Cayin's next product. Until the emergence of the washboard, which is today's protagonist Cayin N5, it seems that Cayin has great opportunities to cooperate with P&G, Bilang, and Liby. Of course, this is the idea of ​​commuters. A little literary friend will feel like a tape, and my first impression is the former. Positioned in a very friendly location like 2K, but I know that this feature and quality may even surpass other brands' 3K products in the market. At least I see a 2.5mm balanced headphone port on the washboard. . By chance, the coffin board also came to my desktop. The theme is straightforward, otherwise you will be ridiculed by everyone. This is a love story.

From the outside, it looks like a rectangular cuboid. The overall look is a bit like a cassette, and the bumpy fringe on the left side of the screen makes it feel more like a washboard. Recently, many mobile phone manufacturers have adopted aerospace aluminum alloy together with a one-piece shell. The same technology is used on the washboard. Cayin's quality in this area is definitely not much worse. After all, this factory is invested by AVIC. There are relatively simple drum metal alloys on the side. The overall shape and color match are relatively retro and literary. It is suitable for one-handed holding operation, with a little sense of weight in the hands.

The front of the fuselage has a rivet style return button, advance button, back button and multi-function button, a dial. When the dial was just used, it was a bit tighter, especially after using the X5K's slippery dial. After a while, it gradually felt that this bit was full, and the metallic wheel was a bit more powerful. Flavor. The right side of the dial uses a dark black acrylic to make a natural and smooth transition and feel comfortable.

The volume and mode buttons are placed on the side of the camera. Many players on the market rarely add mode buttons. In addition to the selection mode, the biggest effect is to “pause” and resume playing when the screen is turned off. If you do not have this button, listening to songs on the road, want to pause playback, first press the open screen button, then click pause, and then re-lock the screen, and now this action top three actions in the past, praise! In addition to the common switch button, coaxial output, and headphone output, the top end adds a balanced output that the same price player does not have. However, the old man has not had a balanced headset, but at least a number of interfaces to retain the opportunity to use later is also very good, more than technical pressure, the interface is probably the same!

The bottom of the small chrysanthemum Reset button under the plastic cover covered USB3.0 interface (meaning faster transmission, faster charging speed) and two TF card slot (each supporting 128G, a total of 256G, estimated enough to install Shaoyou We have a lot of lossless albums.) This plastic strip has a dust-proof effect, but it takes a little bit of a hassle to deduct each time it is charged or the card is unplugged.

The back side is similar to a trapezoidal structure, and the slightly raised portion incorporates carbon fiber design elements. Is this the inheritance of N6? However, this design is slightly German, and where do I see similar elements? That's right! I opened my pen case and the design style of the Kaweco AC Sport pen that I lost in the past was exactly the same. Please excuse me for forgiveness! But it is very good, isn't it? The shape of this carbon fiber preparation looks different at different angles. It looks a little dizzy for a long time, but there is something you can't help but look at, obsessive-compulsive disorder!

As an audio product, although the enthusiasts pay attention to the appearance of performance, but in fact more emphasis is on the auditory enjoyment it brings us, the sound coming out is nice, with their own headphones is the perfect match is everyone's concern. Incidentally, friends who have conditions to listen to DSD files, or try to listen to DSD, this is what I used Cayin N5 to listen to Faye Wong's "sky" album, many online friends say DSD with APE, FLAC little difference. In my opinion, the difference is equivalent to the distance between RAW and JPEG. The DSD version of "Sky" can bring me more details, and control and other aspects still maintain a certain gap with other lossless format versions. As the younger brother who just started to keep his head awake, there aren’t many earphones. There are several well-known headsets that are brought together to share their sense of hearing.

Bayer Power T70p is a very good push headset, although it is head-mounted, but the internal resistance is small, high sensitivity, ah, even if the phone can easily push it. But pushing it does not mean pushing it well. After the Moonlight Serenade was pushed with the Cayin N5, the voice became clean and pure. Aunt Cai stood in the empty countryside and sang emotionally towards the moon. The voice became warm, and the vocal and the buzz of the environment buzzed. The frogs' squeaking levels are more clearly defined and the sound field is wider.

UE900, I would also like to say UE299, but unfortunately missed an ancient hate, missed the price of Bug ah. Listening to the "River" with the two, the prelude drums are dense, clean and flexible, and their positioning is clear. Everyone is shocking. Aunt Cai's voice is still warm, her throat's trembling tone is reduced, and her life and music are integrated. Higher, the two are integrated and naturally comfortable. In "Ye Saxophone", the high-frequency bright thorns are removed. The clutter at the beginning is clearly positioned back and forth, and the details are more abundant. The combination between the instruments is sometimes attacked by me, sometimes tit-for-tat, and sometimes guerrilla warfare. The buzzing sounds sweet, and the saxophone is high and low. The undulating melody is easy to intoxicate.

Jazz X10, this headset is unique enough to be one of my favorite headphones, especially with a washboard. Listening to this mix on the bus every day from work is like experiencing a tired day and then taking a hot shower. This collocation sounds particularly warm and smooth. After listening to chanting songs, the overtones of the songs and the end of the vocals are all very well-decorated. The sound is more relaxed and natural, just as a caress. "The Yellow River's water is dry" part of the song, vocal outline is very clear, gentle and gentle, comfortable atmosphere.

See a lot of friends in the group tangled in two players near the price of 2K, a relatively popular X a K, a washboard. Personally, I prefer the washboard. Appearance, the former modern brushed metal style, the latter retro cassette nostalgia, this person tastes different preferences. In operation, the former's big pulsator is looser and smoother, and the damper feels slightly weaker. The latter dial wheel has a slightly tighter dampening feel. The menu button can be controlled in the state of blank screen to continue to greatly increase the daily experience. As far as sound quality is concerned, if the former is a bottle of clean, pure and sweet distilled water, then the latter may be an old wine that has been brewing for a long time. Some people like the former's filigree, and I think it is too light. I would like to hear the latter. Warm and comfortable, with a little intoxicating sound. As many people will ask, where is the difference between this product and his N6 drum washing machine? Sorry, I didn't hear it. I don't want to be evaluated.

In my opinion, Cayin N5 is undoubtedly one of the most worthy players in the 2K file on the market. The reasons are: First, the appearance of retro feel comfortable plus a solid quality of workmanship, even joined the price of the balance interface should not have to have; second, reasonable operating logic to bring a convenient operation; Third, the sound is warm, with Different plugs have a good performance; the fourth is high playability, in addition to supporting what DSD, APE and the like lossless, free to play five kinds of filtering is excellent. And these advantages are concentrated in the 2K price player, then only the three words, hey!