Not the thinnest, only thinner - Cool LeTV X6c smart micro-use report

As a movie lover and a non-blasting audio/video player, Yu Zhuan established his own home theater and also played a lot of smart micro investment products. These products vary in their characteristics, but overall they are moving closer to being light and portable. Why? Unforgiving housing prices have forced young people to choose small and medium-sized units. The use of more professional projectors is expensive, and it is wasted in houses where there is no large-sized projection space.

Recently, the younger friend of the Lord has grabbed a new cool-music--X6c smart micro-projector on the day of the double 11th pick-up. The thickness of less than 2CM really surprised the owner. It was really not the thinnest. Only thinner, this world is a bit crazy. Can such a thin projector be effective? With deep skepticism, the Lord experienced the experience.

Although the price is cheap, but Cool Music does not consider the details to save costs, simple and elegant packaging looks more refined, removable double-storey structure to enhance a certain forcing grid, the host and accessories are also used in a special small box to hold everything in order. Accessories in addition to the power adapter, there is a remote control and a user manual. The remote control is very compact and the buttons are soft and rubbery. The above two focus keys illustrate the identity of the electric focus. Electric focusing is a very convenient design, like an automatic car, who knows who uses it.

One hand can be easily held, X6c is indeed an advantage in terms of volume. Body measurements about: 196 × 123 × 19.5mm, weighing only 710g. What is the concept of 19.5mm? Compared with the dimes, the X6c is only about 2mm thicker than it is.

The X6c is made of an all-metal shell with a silvery metallic finish and anodized and sandblasted surfaces. The whole body is very simple, the top is only the logo of Cool Music, there are four non-slip pads at the bottom, and the tripod thread mouth is reserved. Because the body is thin, the X6c does not use angle adjustment screws, so adjusting the angle when projecting is not very convenient. However, the retention of the tripod thread mouth is obviously to solve this problem, plus 710g of ultra-light weight, buy a cheap desktop mini tripod can be HOLD live.

On both sides of the fuselage is a dense heat dissipation window, the interface area is located at the tail, followed by the cooling window, dual USB interface, 3.5mm headphone jack, power interface, infrared receiving window and power button. As a display product, the projector generally has a video input interface, and none of the X6c's previous video input interfaces may be surprised by many people. In fact, the current projector can be completely used as a passive product. First, the smart micro-projectors all have their own smart systems. They are themselves playing terminals, and secondly, various kinds of convenient wireless media transmission protocols are very mature, such as Airplay, DLNA, etc. Can completely get rid of audio and video work.

The front face of the camera has a lens and a power indicator. The cool video is also used by the micro video player. The biggest feature is the all-glass lens and the technology that does not run the coke. This has left a deep impression on me. Three LEDs are used to indicate the remaining power. The X6c has a built-in 15000mA battery. It can last for about 3 hours without using an external power supply. The thin shape and built-in battery design make it possible to carry around and use it in multiple applications. At the same time, charging other devices in reverse is also an emergency function.

How small is the X6c? Let's compare it with common objects

In terms of smart hardware, the X6c is equipped with a 4-core CPU, 1G memory, 8G eMMC, and dual-band wifi. The system is based on Android 4.4 system optimization. After entering the system, the user interface is very simple, divided into four major sections: wonderful recommendation, online video, game center, and application store. At the same time, there are frequently used APPs on the right side. Because Android is already very popular and no longer describes the use process in detail, there are two points where the owner thinks it is a highlight, and the emphasis is on the next.

1. Automatic keystone correction: Keystone correction function is necessary for each projector, the owner has experienced so many projectors, most of them are manually adjusted, but there are occasional automatic adjustment but more fool, after adjusting the screen does not make people satisfaction. The X6c automatically corrects some of the starlings. Regardless of the position (of course, not beyond its adjustment range), the owner can put the picture to the best angle after two or three automatic adjustments. This saves a lot of time before viewing. A lot of time, very convenient.

2. Wireless transmission: As mentioned earlier, the owner has a home theater. Using NAS to download good HD and Blu-ray movies is very large. If you move to a mobile hard disk, it is undoubtedly a waste of time. Through DLNA, Smaba and other network protocols, you can directly watch the downloaded movies on the NAS on the X6c. Because wifi supports 2.4G 5G dual frequency, watching high bit rates under 5G connection and even Blu-ray original movies are very smooth, watching movie stuck is the most annoying.

3. WeChat control: wireless screen is not a new thing, no need for tedious setup, X6c will be able to screen with ios and Android devices, but also support the real-time display of the phone screen, so that playing games can have a large screen. The X6c can also be controlled via WeChat, focusing on the public micro-signal, can use the phone to control the projection, and can also accurately display the remaining power, which is very unique.

Positioned for ultra-thin and portable, X6c has 170 lumens brightness, physical resolution of 854 × 480, contrast ratio of 2000:1. Only 170 lumens, this brightness can do it? Attach the screen shot of the curtains in the daytime shaded living room and the screen shots in the state of turning on the lights at night and turning off the lights. From the screen shot, the brightness of the screen is barely acceptable when the curtains are pulled during the day and the night lights (non-headlights) are turned on. However, the best performance is of course a dark environment. Most of the micro-projection products have low brightness, but their actual performance is not as bad as they thought. In particular, the X6c has such a thickness that too high brightness is not realistic under current technology.

Because the home screen is 133 inches, but the actual screen shot when the size of about 120 inches, for the resolution of 854 * 480 this is indeed some of the overload, so used to seeing the FHD projection of the owner feels that the screen is weak, The first time the project partner was used, he felt very clear. When the projection size is reduced to 100 inches and below, the resolving power is greatly improved. Of course, these do not affect the performance of the X6c color. Through the screen shots, X6c performed better on the black level and there was no noticeable greying. The degree of color reproduction is good, although the overall warmer, but whether the color of the human skin or plants is more pure, there is no obvious color additions and modifications. However, in dark scenes, there are still some details missing in the dark objects. The contrast ratio of 2000:1 is also not easy.

Although the LED light source projectors are relatively power-efficient, but the X6c only 26.6W of power is also a startling surprise, most of the micro-projectors have experienced over 40 W power, so low power consumption is X6c The key to running more than 3 hours under a 15000mA battery. After the maximum brightness is continuously projected for 1 hour, the body temperature at each position (room temperature 21°C) is measured: the maximum temperature at the top is 26.3°C; the left heat dissipation window is 33°C; the right heat dissipation window is 22.9°C; the lens is 26.5°C; the interface area is the highest Temperature 21.6°C; bottom temperature 27.8°C. Through the actual measurement, we can see that the X6c's heat control is very good, and the ultra-thin body has not sacrificed heat, which has also eliminated the initial concerns of the owner. Power saving and low heat are the advantages of LEDs, but the performance of the X6c is more prominent, although this is at the expense of a certain brightness.

Noise, because the heat is extremely low, so the cooling fan speed is not too high, the overall performance in the projection is a very quiet class. The X6c has a built-in 2W speaker, and the sound is loud enough. However, if you want to get a better and more powerful sound, it's still necessary to have a pair of high-quality Bluetooth speakers.

Although the hardware parameters seem too good, the Cool Le X6c is such a well-positioned micro-projection product: ultra-thin, portable, low power consumption. If you have a large living room, then it is obviously not suitable. The use of projection beyond the limit does not give a good picture quality. And if you are shy and want to have a good projection effect of about 100 inches, X6c's price is really good. Finally, I would like to suggest to my friends who want to establish a home theater: If the budget is limited, there is no need for full HD projectors for small and medium-sized units. You don't have to say that great noise and heat are also a big drawback, and the consumption of subsequent bulbs is not cheap. The current intelligent micro-projection does not need to be wired in advance and can be used wirelessly, which is a good choice for entry. Finally, a good pair of speakers can be of great help to the enjoyment of the entire movie.