Stage background LED, LED color screen stage background solution II

Mainly used in high-end entertainment disco, large song and dance party, fashion conference, building curtain wall and other places.
· Mainly used in the digital stage of the studio as the stage backdrop, it is a multimedia LED display system capable of presenting virtual scenery and color effects.
Not only is it easy to install and disassemble, but it also has cost advantages, making it suitable for large-scale production of stage backdrops.
The “Warp core” brand LED stage screen displays vivid images and abstract images, which can create dreamy effects.
· With professional audio and video processing system, support a variety of signal processing on the stage, from the signal processing to ensure the quality, making it possible to play high-fidelity image signal.
With dual-line hot backup function, two computers control one screen at the same time. When one computer has a problem, the other computer will automatically take over to ensure that the screen works normally.
LVP603 realizes three LED display panels to display a complete picture and 12 identical pictures
Bars, discos and other night events equipped with LED display, stage a LED display can display computer or other device output video material, or through the access camera, set-top box to display video and television signals, or split-screen display two the same or Different screens. The other three LED displays on the walls of the venue are mainly used to play material to render the atmosphere, which can be used as a whole to display the video material customized for the display, and 12 identical screens can also be displayed to ensure that Playing normal 16:9 or 4:3 material does not cause serious distortion. Here we introduce how to use the LVP603 to achieve three LED display shows a complete picture or display 12 the same picture.
First, the site conditions:
1, 3 P16 full-color LED display, physical pixels are: 1488 * 128, 1456 * 128, 1520 * 128
2. The input signal includes: 1 computer DVI input image, 1 HD set-top box accessing digital TV signal, 1 live camera video input

Second, display requirements

1. The LED display on the three walls shows a complete material
2. Three walls display four identical video clips per block, that is, three walls display 12 identical screens
Third, achieve and effect
Four LVP603 video processors are adopted, all input signals are connected to the master LVP603, DVI output signals are connected to three LVP603 A, B and C through the distributor, and three LVP603 DVI output signals are connected to the built-in LED sending card. To drive three LED display screens. The wiring diagram is as follows
Next, we separately illustrate the realization principle and effect of three complete LED display screens, one complete material and three LED display screens displaying 12 complete screens:
1. Stitching a complete material
Note: The main control LVP603 is used to switch various input signals and convert them into DVI signals. The DVI signals are input to A, B and C three LVP603, A, B and C LV inputs through the distribution amplifier. The signal intercepts the corresponding area and enlarges it to the LED display.
2. Display 12 identical screens
Note: The main control LVP603 is used to switch various input signals and convert the input signal to the left and right dual picture DVI signals through the POP function. The DVI signal is input to A, B and C three LVP603 through the distribution amplifier. The LVP603 also uses the POP function to convert the input dual picture to four pictures to the corresponding LED display.