ABB inverter ACS800--- ACS800 TEMP fault repair summary

ABB inverter ACS800--- ACS800 TEMP fault repair summary

Shanghai Jinxin Inverter Technical Service Center recently received a report from the customer that there was an ACS800/110KW inverter at the site and that the ACS800 TEMP was faulty for a period of time after being powered on and could not be reset. The engineer immediately arrived at the scene.

Inspection process:

Disconnect the inverter and check the inverter's rectifier module and inverter module. The test diode has good characteristics. The inverter will be powered, the display will be normal, and the three-phase output voltage of the inverter will be balanced. After half an hour with the load, the inverter will display ACS800 TEMP. Failure explanation:

1, check the external environment temperature.

2. Check the inverter cooling fan.

3, check the inverter internal cooling channel.

4. Check if the motor and inverter are not matched.

5, temperature check circuit failure.

Failure Analysis:

According to the ACS800 TEMP fault explanation, there are five possible causes of the fault:

1, the external environment temperature is too high.

2, inverter cooling fan does not turn.

3, inverter cooling channel blocked.

4. The inverter and motor do not match.

5, temperature detection circuit failure.

First, detect the first possibility. The external environment temperature is about 40 degrees, it can be said to be within the allowable working range of the inverter, and is installed in the electrical room. There are many inverters with the same power in the electric room.

Second, check the cooling fan of the inverter. As long as the inverter is running, the fan will turn and it will stop to the fan's rotating sound. Remove the fan from the test and operate normally.

Third, the inverter and motor power do not match. This inverter has been operating for several years and it has not been used for this fault. And there is no use of overcurrent, overload failure before the ACS800 TEMP fault is displayed. Therefore, this assumption does not hold.

Fourth, there is a problem with the temperature detection loop. This is possible. Do not rule out, such as power test and then ruled out.

Fifth, the cooling channel is blocked. After disassembling the inverter completely, it was found that the cooling channel of the machine was indeed blocked. Causes the inverter not to dissipate heat. So this is the cause of the damage.

Repair process:

First clean up the cooling channel of the inverter, then install the board card and the capacitor box in turn, and test them to meet the power-on condition. Power transmission to the inverter, start-up, output voltage balance, with load to rated current, inverter heat is normal, the inverter repair. Therefore, this inverter displays the ACS800 TEMP fault due to a blocked cooling channel. The possibility of damage to the temperature detection circuit is ruled out.

Experience summary:

Shanghai Jinxin Inverter Service Center based on years of experience in repairing ABB frequency converters has concluded that in most cases, the fault is caused by the cooling channel of the inverter itself being blocked.

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