[New Year's Day Three Days] Celebrate the New Year's Day Points Mall, Massive Gifts Free!

New Year's Day Three Days Music

In order to celebrate the launch of the new block integral mall, on the occasion of the New Year's Day, the Sofa Forum will hold a three-day New Year's Day three-day music event, and three days of massive gifts will be provided free of charge!

Millet small box, millet bracelet, gamepad... all as long as a forum currency will have a chance to exchange! Points Mall has more surprises all-weather random online, you do not miss sand powder Oh! what? Did you find yourself in a forum currency? ! It does not matter, look down patiently!

Event prizes

January 1:
10:00am - Millet bracelet winning settlement
03:00 PM - Beitong Gamepad Winner Settlement
08:00 pm - Xiaomi Box + LeTV Box + Sofa Butler 2nd Anniversary Theme Pillow Winning Settlement

January 2:
10:00am - Millet bracelet winning settlement
03:00 PM - Beitong Gamepad Winner Settlement
08:00 pm - Millet Box Winner Settlement

January 3:
10:00am - Millet bracelet announced
03:00 PM - Beitong Gamepad Winner Announced
08:00 pm - Xiaomi Box Award Winner Announced

Activity Raiders

note! All the above draws are as long as 1 forum currency! And even if there is no winning, the forum currency will be returned in full! So everyone saw that the New Year's Day three-day lottery draw is pumping! ! !

what? Don't know how many forum coins you have? 1 forum currency still not? In order to facilitate the newly registered users to participate in the activities, friends who newly register for the sofa forum account from now on will be able to obtain 5 forum coins at one time by completing personal information and uploading and modifying the picture. Registered members of all the sofa forums have an additional 1 forum currency reward for the first post published in any forum of the forum every day! Every minute can participate in the New Year's Day three-day music activities!
PS: It should be noted that the meaningless water sticker will be deducted by the administrator for the forum currency!

Want more forum currency?

1. Forum New Year's Day gift pack registration sofa forum account, improve personal information and modify personal avatar, you can get a one-time forum currency reward! The first forum post published every day will also automatically receive the corresponding forum currency (forbidden meaningless water paste, illegal content directly deducted from the forum currency). In addition, the top ten registered forums each day can also get additional forum currency rewards! As everyone's starting capital ~

2. Original Article Reward Sofa Forum encourages excellent original articles. Original posts can be applied for points in monthly application posts.
Sofa Forum original theme application, review, reward (http://bbs.shafa.com/thread-173083-1-1.html)

3. The essence of content selection Any forwarded or original forum content, as long as the moderator or staff member under the recognition of the "essence" tab, you can get 20 forum coins! The rewards gained through the points mall can be sun-winned at the forum, and the excellent sun-strike posts will have the opportunity to receive the corresponding forum currency rewards (even exemptions!), and quickly create more good content!

4. Join the sofa network up to people service organizations If you are willing to help others, good at sharing your own experience and skills, or want to try forum management services, you can contact the sofa official customer service - QQ - apply to become one of us member. Joining the service organization can receive regular forum coins and more unexpected benefits.

How to redeem mall?

1. Redemption For items marked with redemption, users can directly purchase and pay the corresponding currency in the forum. After the commodity is sold out, it is automatically closed.
Because it is on a first-come-first-served basis, so as long as people seize the initiative and decisive shot!

2. Lottery All the products marked with the lottery, the user must pay a certain forum currency for the lottery, and the final user will deduct the corresponding forum currency, and the remaining unwinned users will return the lottery money.
Because it's a post-winning deduction, we see that the lottery type of merchandise must come to chance!

3. All auctioned items are marked with the lowest bid. The desired user needs to keep increasing their bids to ensure that their bids are the highest. At the end of the commodity time, the highest bidder gets the product and deducts the corresponding forum currency. Note that users who have not successfully bid still have to deduct the final bid!
Because it is the same rules as the auction, then the valuation of different commodities depends on the subjective intention, but we must keep in mind the end of the product! Otherwise it was a pity!

Compared with the previous manual exchange form, Points Mall directly displays various types of virtual or physical prizes in the mall, and converts it into forum currency according to a considerable discount. The desired users only need to participate in the point shopping mall and leave corresponding Personal information, the corresponding prize will be delivered to the user in a timely manner!

Go through the “Point Shop” in the navigation bar at the top of the forum.

After entering the points mall, the current hot items will be updated in the main interface from time to time! Users can clearly understand the remaining exchange time, market price, exchange price and other information of the corresponding products. If they are interested in the products, they can also go to the details page to carefully understand the relevant information of the products (many of the products are on the shelves, if you want To be decisive in order to avoid a cup!)

After confirming the product information, click on the bid to confirm the purchase, and you need to leave a message to note the individual's QQ number or contact telephone number to facilitate the staff to arrange for the award.