Goku remote control evaluation, so that TV control is so simple

Install Goku remote and use your mobile phone to control your baby TV.

The landlord prefers to play with the box, likes to install a variety of software to the box, meets good software and also likes to share it, but sometimes share the tv version software screenshots, but when the box and television have no screenshot function, Goku Remote control this artifact comes in handy, of course, Goku remote control features far more than these, let's take a look!
Introduction of Goku Remote Control Goku Remote Control is a smart set-top box and TV assistant that can transform a mobile phone into a portable remote controller. It is the first mobile phone remote controller that can be connected to multiple devices at the same time.

Goku remote control TV download:

Use environment:
Box: LeTV Box C1s Infinity i9
Mobile Phone: Sony Xperia Z2
Broadband: Telecom Broadband 10M

First, install Goku remote control tv version

1, open the sofa in the TV butler application market

2, click on the search - this time as long as the use of remote control input WK can see Goku remote control:

3, download and install open it:

Second, the use of articles After the installation is complete, click on the run, TV version of the interface is very simple, there is no redundant other features, mainly to display ip information, box information and a two-dimensional code link, since it is a mobile phone remote control, then it will certainly use Mobile phone, the big QR code lets the phone scan, so that the download link will appear on your phone, download and install the mobile client:

After the client is installed on the phone, it is opened and the TV can be controlled after a simple setup. First of all, the box and the phone must be in the same LAN, pay attention to the IP address and the box name below the tv version, open the Goku remote on the phone, turn on the WiFi, the phone will automatically search for other devices in the LAN, this time you want To choose the same IP address as tv, that is to be able to pair correctly, and the TV you want to connect to:

After connecting to concentrate on the mobile phone terminal, after all, is the use of mobile phones in the control tv, enter the main page, is a flat control page, the layout is basically not much different from our daily use of the remote control, just flattened it, The above buttons are all available. After switching the interface, the control interface will be integrated in a small dot. It can be opened in any interface. It is very convenient to control the TV to change from top to bottom or left and right. Similar to the dot of ios system. .

The following tab menu corresponds to Remote, My TV, and Application Center Top Movies.
My TV shows the software installed on the TV and the most recent live broadcast:

Clicking on the installation will also automatically install on the TV, not on the phone:

Click on a video and the video will automatically play on the TV.

In addition to the basic functions, Goku remote control also provides a lot of useful features, among which there are my favorite screenshot features, these features are concentrated in the menu, click on the menu button in the upper right corner to call out.

setting menu:

One-click cleaning:

Screen capture:

Shutdown control:

Screen setting:

Handle mode:

Child lock:

The function is basically all-embracing, and some bad experiences are found in the process of use. When the screen is flipped, the photos on the mobile phone are turned fast. The screen displayed on the television is not the same picture that the mobile phone wants to screen. In terms of compatibility, using the screen capture function on the LeTV box may occasionally fail to save, and on Infinik, it is completely impossible to capture screens, and there are too few live video softwares available for watching live video. I like it the most. The HDP live stream also did not.

to sum up:
Advantages: Numerous functions, great playability and practicality; beautiful interface.
Disadvantages: compatibility issues; screenshots have a certain probability of failure; screen display function abnormal display.

Well, the evaluation here, the advantages and disadvantages of Goku's remote control is also more or less the same. With the increasing popularity of network boxes and smartphones, people’s lifestyles will become more intelligent and their connections will become closer. The Wukong remote control is a well-linked list. Using Goku remote control will make people more comfortable in their smart life.

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