2015 sofa net year-end Hengping summary: TV box articles reveal bloody truth!

“The times are improving and technology is developing.” The network set-top box manufacturers are also constantly introducing new products to their products. No matter how they iterate over products, they all have something in common that is, the configuration is getting better and better, and the content will be more and more abundant. . Unconsciously, the Spring Festival of 2016 is approaching and 2015 will be successfully completed. At the turning point of this old and new arrival, the 2015 HD Hengping year-end review is in full swing.

In the past 2015, what are the most exciting TV boxes on the market? Which television box in the end main color value, which TV box main decoding, which box is the main cost-effective?

At the same time, for the majority of fans who need to buy a TV box in order to return home to the New Year to be able to enjoy watching TV, Fan You provides some reference points. This year I stand purposefully following the tradition of last year and hold a 2015 Hengping year-end Hengping review. Fanyou will be better at that time. According to their needs to choose the most suitable for their own TV box! The high-definition web site selected the 2015 Hengping standard TV network box with high sales volume as a high-definition fan by the end of 2015 Hengping machine. In order to eliminate the interference, this Hengping did not receive any sponsorship, and all of them purchased their own models at their own expense to ensure fairness, openness, and fairness.

The truth is usually only one, we all need to face the blood! Gossip is less Syria, and the following is a summary of the "2015 HD Fan Year-end Hengping" that we have carefully collected for you:

Recalling S1 (512MB version):
As the top 10 companies in the Tmall Mall shipment, the price of the S1 S1 model is the same, but the internal configuration, the price will be adjusted at different times. Before the evaluation of Jun in the first half of the purchase of the S1 is 1GB, 160 yuan. Now Hengdian S1, the configuration is not rising, but the price is 99 yuan. This Codex S1 is equipped with Rockchip's RK3128 quad-core processor. Take the 512MB of RAM on our machine. The capacity of the flash memory is 8GB. The configuration of the S1 box is quite satisfactory. From the experience and content "kill" a world? Let's look at:

Skyworth i71S II:
The Skyworth i71S II is full of timbre and color, with up to eight color combinations. It uses the most popular 64-bit RK3368 chipset and carries the GITV CCTV Galaxy broadcast console. It is rich in resources and has opened up third parties and ADBs to make users playable. Greatly improved, and with the blessing of Aishin App, the fun has been improved. The color is issued as many as eight colors of blue, green, silver, titanium black, Tyrant gold, orange, purple - i71S second generation, just show off the "color" phase is still powerful inside? Let us follow one by one.

Glory Box M321:
Huawei Glory Box uses the latest Hass Hi3798M professional quad-core chip developed by Huawei. It has 4K and H265 hard solution capabilities. Local playback can fully support various mainstream video formats, and there are also GIT licenses. What is the true performance of the Glory Box M321? This evaluation uses the HDP Evaluation Room Professional Evaluation Kit to show you all together.

Kai Bor F1 Youth Edition:
At the end of 2015, Kaibol launched the Kbor F1 youth smart box for the low-end market. This machine uses the H3 quad-core processor, only with 512MB of body to run the memory, 8GB of body storage, from the configuration point of view, really low-end A little bit, in this age of eight nuclear boxes everywhere, how is the performance of such a box and can it lead the low-end market? Have people doubt, then, we may wish to look at its concrete performance.

Hoi Mei Di Mango Q Q7:
Haimedi's set-top box has always been a brand that consumers like to choose to use. The latest generation of mango-Q H7 three-generation set-top boxes equipped with an eight-core 64-bit core has received a lot of praise since its launch, compared to its predecessors. There is also a qualitative improvement, which is called the top hardware configuration, rich online video, and powerful local playback, which are the reasons why consumers like him.

Lynx Box M13:
On the eve of this year's "Double 11", Alibaba's Lynx Box brought a new TV box product - the Lynx Box M13. Compared to previous generations of products, the Lynx Box M13 inherits and continues the classic appearance of previous generations of products. The same appearance, not the same "core", Lynx Box M13 main control using a TV box next-generation 64-bit processor - Crystal morning Amlogic S905. In the following, the HDP evaluation room once again conducted a quantitative evaluation of the Lynx Box M13 according to the 2015 Hengping Standard:

Millet Box 3:
From the millet box officially launched in September 2013, the millet box was launched. The rice box was continuously added to the box of millet box standard version, enhanced version and millet box (now renamed millet box mini version) and other box products. The millet box 3 was Its a new box with a 64-bit crystal morning Amlogic S905 quad-core processor, compared with the previous product, he has those changes to break it? Or let us take a look:

Haimeidi TT box:
TT box looks exquisite and compact, hardware configuration and functional performance is balanced, is one of the few machines equipped with USB 3.0, with the genuine license CIBN, providing a lot of genuine video resources, NBA sports highlights to users, good support for Blu-ray easy navigation With 4K, H265 support. On the issue of subsequent upgrades, the TT box is basically calculated in months on the firmware update, and the system update is more convenient. It can be online or offline.

Millet box mini version:
The millet box has now been renamed the millet box mini. When I received the mini box of the millet box, the deepest impression was of course that the box was very small, only two matchboxes were so big. So what about the function of such a small thing? It was still somewhat skeptical at first. Such a small box was What are the benefits of practical applications? Of course, it is easy to carry. Put some HD cables, boxes, and remote controls into the original packaging. You can hold them everywhere. The original packaging also has only two toothpaste boxes. It is very convenient. Looking at the New Year, many friends leave the place of work, go home New Year, then you can carry the box with you, where you can easily chase drama, watch movies, or very convenient, here's a look at the millet Quantitative evaluation of the mini version of the box.

Taijie box WE30:
At the end of 2015, Taj again made efforts to launch a high-profile, high-profile, high-value flagship product, the Tektronix WE30, equipped with an RK3368 eight-core processor, a 28nm process technology, and a 1.5GHz operating frequency. The PowerVR G6110 is used to enable the Tektronix WE30 box to support 4K video and H.265 format hard-solution video output, and uses 1G DDR3 memory and 8G eMMC storage capacity. In terms of appearance, similar shell styles, classic black and white color matching , And the use of polished materials, the whole look light and cute, new products once unveiled, attracting the attention of many consumers, then such a high configuration, high-value box, can become a "high performance" masterpiece, and see the HDP evaluation Quantitative in-depth evaluation of the room, give you professional advice for your reference.

UT Egg 1S:
In mid-2015, UT Starcom took a new upgrade to "UT Egg" to meet the latest needs of users. The hardware upgrade from quad-core MT8685 to full-chih eight-core H8 achieved a qualitative leap in hardware. And renamed as "UT Egg 1s", which uses allwinner 8-core CPU, 700MBGPU, and equipped with 1GB of memory and 8GB flash memory, supports Bluetooth 4.0, can be perfectly connected to the Bluetooth game controller, Bluetooth speaker and other Bluetooth devices, more importantly, its built-in "Mango TV", popular film and television dramas, television dramas, movie theaters and other exclusive genuine video resources, allowing you to rest assured that the exclusive game platform, allowing you to play with confidence. In addition, UI and functionality have brought about streamlining and upgrading, especially in response to user requirements, adding a custom shortcut to the main interface, brings depth optimization in the simple control, let's take a look at this new egg What kind of surprise will it bring.

Infinity i9:
Infineon is one of the oldest high-definition box manufacturers. It is well known to most robots. Several models designed in the era of mips are remarkable in terms of appearance and performance, especially those that are impressive now. The model has always been dominated by Taobao Weekly Hot TOP Rankings. Of course, there are many rumors of various parties here. Regardless of whether we are right or wrong, let's take a look at the machine. Today's evaluation of this Infiniti i9 should be the flagship machine, equipped with the Quan Zhi H8 eight nuclear, this chip with its relatively good performance and low price, has been favored by many manufacturers. In addition, the standard 1G memory, 16 flash memory, configuration is more realistic, plus the current price of 269 or so.

Lynx Box 1s+:
On April 13, 2015, Box officially announced the launch of its new product on its official Weibo: Tmall Box 1S+. Lynx Box 1s + upgrade of the main chip configuration, and run the latest version of YunOS 3.0.2, but the price is still 199 yuan. In terms of hardware configuration, the Tmall Box 1S+ has upgraded a lot compared to its predecessors, including a lot of improvements in hardware, performance, content, and other aspects. Below we conduct a depth evaluation based on the latest version of the YunOS 3.0.2 version of the Lynx Box 1S+:

Temporary T2 quad-core (16G version):
The evaluation of the Mortimer T2 quad-core 16G ROM version is an upgraded version of the Mortimer T2 quad-core version, the main "cost." There are several products in the Mortimer T2 series. Basically, the appearance and name are fixed, and the configuration is used for minor upgrades. So, do we still comply with the above-mentioned law of Temperance T2 upgrade on this day-sensitive T2 quad-core 16G ROM? Let's do a quantitative test together:

Tempo d6 quad-core enhanced version:
Tianmin D6 quad-core enhanced version uses the latest A9 architecture Acer crystal core S812, 1G storage, 8G flash memory, built-in Bluetooth 4.0 module, full metal shell, external gain antenna, regardless of comprehensive capabilities or video decoding capabilities are very powerful. Temporary D6 quad-core enhanced version of the Lynx priced at 259 yuan, HD Fan assessment room take you into the inner world of the Tamron D6 quad-core enhanced version:

Skyworth Box Q+:
Skyworth Box Q+ selects Amlogic quad-core low-power CPU for hardware configuration, and has built-in 1GB DDR3 memory and 8GB FLASH flash memory to support the latest H.265 encoding technology, providing 50% bandwidth utilization and the highest resolution 1080P. Remote control unique innovative Q key, support for custom settings, a key to direct the required program: a key chase drama, a key music, a key game, a key cloud album, omnipotent. In the following, we will quantify the Q+ box of Skyworth.

Lynx Box 2:
The launch of Lynx Box has a unique advantage. The brand effect of Tmall makes the launch of this series of boxes gain the recognition of the majority of users. This is unmatched by other boxes. Usually on the forum, the activity is strong, free delivery, all kinds of buying, affordable see, coupled with adaptation of the TV box Ali cloud system optimization is also good, hot sale is indeed inevitable, market practice also confirm That's it! Following is a 2015 HD Fan box cross review of the days of cat box 2 single quantitative evaluation:

Open Bor F8:
In 2015, the company launched the 8-core new product - the opener F8, equipped with Rockchip's RK3368 chip. It uses eight core 64-bit ARM Coretex-A53 core architecture, 28nm process design, running at 1.5GHz; GPU is PowerVR G6110, support OPENGL ES 3.1; Strong video capabilities, support 4K×2K video, H.264/H.265 hard decoding and HDMI 2.0@60Hz output; system platform is based on ndroid 5.1 Ali YunOS system, and upgraded to 2GB of running memory and 16GB large The capacity of the body flash memory, and Bluetooth, powerful hardware configuration will bring a smoother experience.

The above evaluation hopes to give a little reference to fans who do not know how to start the TV box.