Ultra-white glass will become the company's future profit growth point

The company's profit growth point in 2007 is: the rapid growth of sales of ultra-white glass in 2007, is expected to achieve sales of more than 1 million boxes; the company plans to increase the proportion of its holding subsidiary Tengzhou Jinjing Holdings from 60% to 90%, and passed Subsidiary Tengzhou Jinjing acquired a new float glass production line; the company's 49% stake in Sinoma Jinjing's glass fiber production line will achieve a profit of more than 70 million yuan in 2007.

The company's profit growth points in 2008 include: ultra-white glass sales will reach 1.3-1.5 million weight boxes in 2008; soda ash project will be put into production in June 2008, it is expected to produce 500,000 tons of soda ash in the year, half for the company's float glass production for its own use; The 600T/D UV-resistant LOW-E glass original film will be put into production in November 2007, mainly providing glass original film for the LOW-E glass production line of the group company, which will bring profit contribution to 2007 and 2008.

The ultra-white glass market will be effective and will become the profit growth point of the company in the next few years. Jinjing Technology currently has a capacity of 20 million weight boxes per year of float glass. In the next two years, the company expects to achieve 30 million weight boxes per year by acquiring other glass production capacity, making it one of the top oligarchs in the industry.

The 600T/D ultra-white glass production line, which was built by the company's core technology of the international glass giant PPG, was put into operation at the end of 2004, filling the gap in domestic products and changing the status of all imported ultra-white glass in China.

Ultra-clear glass is a kind of ultra-transparent low-iron glass. It is a new high-quality, multi-functional glass variety with a light transmittance of over 91.5%. It has the characteristics of crystal clear, elegant and beautiful, and can be like other high-quality float glass. Carry out various deep processing. Due to the technical difficulty of this product, only four companies such as PPG in the United States, Saint-Gobain in France and Pilkington in the UK can produce it.


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