New Display Technology Breakthroughs Skyworth G8210 Leads TV into the HDR Era

Talking about HDR is not unfamiliar to everyone. Since iPhone4 was first introduced on the market, HDR shooting mode of mobile phones was first introduced. It seems that HDR has become synonymous with high-quality shooting, but it also allows consumers to limit HDR awareness to the level of shooting technology. HDR, High Dynamic Range, translated into Chinese is the high dynamic range, the core is that the higher the dynamic range, the closer the photo is to the real. This is an end-to-end complete solution, from content creation to channel distribution, to encoding and decoding, playback, transmission, and final display. From the initial extensive reference and use in the field of photography, today's television products also usher in a revolution in HDR technology.

HDR technology re-development, color TV industry usher in innovation

Unlike previous 4K technologies that have attracted much attention in the television field, HDR is the only technology to improve the quality of LED TVs in all three dimensions: brightness, contrast, and color. Under the influence of HDR, the colors presented by the TV are more vivid, the black is deeper, and the objects on the screen are clearer. At the same time, the hue of the picture is also enlarged, alternating between cool and warm colors. At present, most TVs on the market have a brightness of about 400 nits. Some of the models that came out last year reached 750 nits. However, the maximum brightness of HDR TVs can reach over 1000 nits. The increase in brightness can make the scene more realistic, especially in outdoor scenes. There is no doubt that HDR technology is a very attractive idea, and more and more TV manufacturers are beginning to integrate HDR technology into new TV production.

Chip+screen, true HDR TV needs to be fully compliant

However, according to the existing HDR TVs in the market, no matter whether it is a listed model or an unlisted model, although it claims to have HDR technology, it is actually only part of HDR, that is, it supports HDR decoding. The chip does not have an HDR screen. True HDR TVs need to meet both chip and screen standards: On the chip side, HDR support for decoding 10bits; on the screen, not only the brightness needs to be greater than or equal to 700 nits, but also the Local Dimming technology, that is, the entire process. Reaching the HDR standard enables complete restoration of image details.

Skyworth HDR G8210 turns out to lead new breakthroughs in the industry

Looking at the entire market, the only Skyworth G8210 that can be called true HDR TV and only sells in Taiwan with the HDR technology as its main function on June 1 this year, from chip to screen, is superior to other aspects in all aspects. Branded HDR TV. G8210 uses South Korea's LG Display original 4 color 4K screen, an increase of white sub-pixels, the screen body brightness can reach 1236 nits brightest, much higher than ordinary TV's 400-450 nits, so that the screen light is closer to the real scene, and compensation The dark details.

At the same time, the G8210 uses the Local-Dimming control technology, which divides the backlight bead into hundreds of areas and independently adjusts the backlight brightness to achieve a higher brightness/dark contrast and a more layered picture. The chip is the key to verify genuine and fake HDR TVs. The G8210 is equipped with Skyworth's own developed CoolOpen System 5.0 (64-bit), and is compatible with the latest Android 5.0. It can work with 64-bit chips. The GPU adopts the IMG61106 architecture and supports 10bit nits. The HDR specification video can restore the image information without any loss, reflecting the advantages of the system and the chip. Whether it is from the screen or from the chip, the G8210 is undoubtedly the leading HDR TV in the market.

The current market does not have a specific standard for the application of HDR technology on TV. However, the emergence of the Skyworth G8210 is undoubtedly a new benchmark for the industry. As the only true HDR TV on the market, the Skyworth G8210 has HDR technology. Breakthroughs and innovations have undoubtedly brought new development directions and technical standards for the color TV industry. They have also brought new experiences for consumers and brought more realistic and luxurious visual feasts to the audience.