Millet box 3 how to install applications remotely

The most convenient way to install applications on the millet box 3 is, of course, through U disk, but often there are often no U-disks at hand. At this time, everyone can install the sofa butler through the "projection screen artifact," and then download more through the sofa butler. For quality applications, this tutorial is suitable for most millet boxes and millet TVs.

1. A screen-casting artifact is installed on the mobile phone. The Android mobile phone searches the "applied screen artifact" in its own application market and downloads and installs it.

2. Open the browser, access, and download the sofa butler apk installation package on your phone. Note that "Android TV version download" is selected. After downloading the sofa manager package, do not install it. We will send it to the TV installation.

3. Connect the mobile phone and the box to the same wifi, open the screencast artifact, search for your own millet box and connect. Press "Local" to find the previously downloaded sofa butler package and click "Install".

4. At this time, a series of screen shot artifact verification code appears on the TV screen, and the verification code is input on the mobile phone of the screen shot artifact, and the previously downloaded sofa butler apk installation package can be delivered to the TV side for installation.

5, complete the installation, open the sofa butler, you can download any TV application you want.

Then download more third-party movie and TV software game applications in the sofa butler. In this way, everyone can completely remotely install the U disk on the smart TV box. Watch videos on smart TVs and recommend using pudding videos. Fun smart TV (and box), exciting content in the sofa network.