Haoyue passed advertisements to upgrade the direct-loaded version of the artifact to watch TV more refreshing!

If you don’t know how to watch this drama or what software you are looking for, is it too much trouble to use smart TV? Please use this special artifact for this month's transmission. Whether it is on a smart TV or a smart TV box, you only need to install this artifact."

1. Download a software called TV App Pack

Artifact download address: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eRpK1R8

2. After the installation is complete, click on the following to enter

3. Find the 芈 传 month pass icon, download and open, you can click to see 芈 月 月 传!

You can directly watch the popular movie and TV drama;

Hot broadcast movies want to see!

You can also download the TV remote control game;

One-click installation of common TV software;

Bring a practical toolbox and take it whenever you need it;

The TV application collection brings together the most comprehensive and popular 1000 TV applications in the country. More TV essential, practical tools, remote control games three practical categories, as well as an exclusive feature hot broadcast film and television installation.

Whether it's hot popular applications such as VST aggregation, HDP live streaming, pudding video, and TV cat video, there are Tencent video TV editions, Youku video TV editions, and iQiyi video TV editions that bring together more than 100,000 hours of genuine video resources. Sohu video TV version and other big video portal applications, there are a variety of quality remote control games included, find the application you want, easy one-click installation.

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