Community water pressure pump station monitoring program

The ART6100-RTU embedded programmable controller provides a wealth of I/O resources and interfaces. Up to 32 channels of digital and 8-channel analog can meet your needs in terms of control; and its programmable features allow you to Freely design the required control process to achieve the best effect of the work; embedded design makes ART6100-RTU has the characteristics of small size and compact structure, which is more suitable for putting into your equipment; support Ethernet access, CAN bus, RS-485 bus, RS-232 bus, make you use more convenient; using pluggable I / O connector, allowing you to more secure and convenient external devices.

â—† CPU: AT91SAM7X256;
(55MHz frequency 32-bit RISC processor, 256KB Flash, 64KB SRAM);
â—† Data Storage: 16Mb Flash;
Serial interface: 1-way 5-wire serial port;
1-way 3-wire serial port (RS485 is multiplexed with it);
1 way CAN2.0 interface;
1 way USB2.0 interface;
â—† Ethernet: 10/100Base-T Ethernet port with RJ-45 port;
â—† analog input: 4 differential or 8 single-ended analog input (optional voltage and current input mode);
â—† Analog output: 4 analog output â—† Digital input and output: a total of 32 channels, each input can be configured 8;
â—† Temperature and humidity sensor: Optional SHT-71/75 is used to detect the system environment;
â—† RTC clock: precise, ultra-low power, real-time clock with battery backup;
â—† LED lights: 4 (1 power indication, 1 status indication, 2 Ethernet status indications);
â—† JTAG debug interface;
â—† System power supply: 7V ~ 35V DC 20mA ~ 1A on-board switching power supply;
◆ Working temperature: -40 °C ~ +85 °C;
â—† Operating Humidity: 5 to 95% no condensation;

The ART GPRS DTU module is based on the existing GPRS network of the mobile operator and can easily implement remote, wireless, and networked communication methods. It has many advantages such as wide coverage (mobile network coverage, use of mobile phones where it can be used), convenient and quick networking (installation can be used), low operating cost (by traffic accounting) and so on. Can be widely used in power system automation, industrial measurement and control, traffic management, water conservancy, meteorology, environmental monitoring, finance, coal mining, petroleum and other industries.

â—† Support dual-band GSM/GPRS;

â—†Transparent data transmission and protocol conversion: Integrity of the TCP/IP module

Protocol stack providing RS-232/485 interface for users' data devices

Provide transparent transmission channels;

â—† Support virtual data private network;

â—† Support multiple data centers;

â—† Support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, center-to-multipoint data transmission;

Support data center dynamic domain name or IP address access;

â—† The data terminal supports three types of work: always online, idle offline, and idle power-off


â—† Support SMS and call wake-up functions;

â—† Support disconnection automatic reconnection function;

â—† Support SMS configuration and maintenance;

â—† support for local and remote graphical interface configuration and maintenance;

â—† With power, connection status, operating status indicator;

â—† With RS-232 / 485 interface;

â—† Supports local and remote firmware upgrades;

â—† Reliable design of multiple hardware and software, watchdog technology to ensure safe operation of equipment;

â—† Single +5V ~ +26V wide range of power supply (recommended +9V ~ +12V);

◆Maximum working current 300mA, ≤10mA during sleep;

◆Working temperature: -30°C ~ +70°C;

â—†Working Humidity: 90%

Application effect:

After the monitoring system of the pump station is completed, abundant man-machine contact and strong self-diagnosis function provide convenience for maintenance personnel to find faults. Effectively improve the safe operation level and economic benefits of the pumping station, greatly reducing the workload of the operating personnel, and improving the safety index of the staff.