Barco outdoor LED display solution SLite/DLite

Barco's outdoor LED display series, the SLite and DLite, are rugged IP65-rated outdoor display products that deliver high-resolution, full-color images with unparalleled brightness and contrast.

SLite and DLite combine Barco's leading technology to ensure perfect video and image quality across the entire display, regardless of shape, size or resolution.

Both the SLite and DLite product lines feature a modular outdoor display concept that supports the construction of displays of virtually any shape and size, making them ideal for large viewing distance outdoor applications. The SLite and DLite series have different resolutions, and the SLite series has 10 mm. With 14 mm and 22 mm resolution, DLite products have 7 mm resolution.

The SLite and DLite displays are ideal for countless outdoor applications – from entertainment venues to stadiums, theme parks and outdoor advertising.

Both SLite and DLite display products are IP65 rated, providing the perfect solution for displaying superior images in any outdoor environment.

Designed and manufactured entirely by Barco, using state-of-the-art LED display technology and design quality, rigorous selection of LED components, plus Barco's extensive image processing experience ensures optimal image quality, color uniformity and total ownership cost.

With an resolution of 7 mm, 10 mm, 14 mm and 22 mm, the outdoor LED display series is the ideal solution for producing the perfect image in a variety of high-light environments. Even in direct sunlight, it is no different. SLite and DLite LED products offer many advantages not found in other display technologies.

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