Traveling with iPhone SE - Qingdao Travel Notes

IPhone SE has been starting more than three months, this phone is amazing, it uses the iPhone 6S hardware, but the appearance is like a 5S hair! SO , its camera quality is also very good! In early July , our summer vacation began, so I came to a trip that left. Since my hometown is located in the South Basin, I have never seen the sea and I am eager to experience it. I have heard that the coastal cities in the north are beautiful, so I chose Qingdao.



Qingdao Railway Station is located in Taian Road, Shinan District. It was built in 1899. It is a century-old station that has experienced many vicissitudes. The railway station was designed by the Germans Weiler and Gedelz and was built by the Shandong Railway Company . The building has a German Renaissance. Architectural style.

This is Qingfeng Baozipu along the Qingdao Railway Station. It is said that this century-old shop is from Beijing? Never expected that there are also here! However, I didn't try it because I felt that the restaurant near the scenic spot should be expensive.

On the edge of the train station is the sea, the first time I saw the real sea, so excited! Walking towards me good strong breath of the sea, in popular parlance point, that is the seafood flavor .......

The sky of Qingdao is blue and blue, so this sky is extremely rare in our southern basin!

Trestle Bridge, Qingdao's landmarks, the people here are really a lot! The bridge body plunged into the crescent-like depths of the Qingdao Bay from the coast.

Self-timer on the trestle is also fun!

Since I had done my homework before departure, the next stop on the trestle was naturally the second bathing beach. When we arrived, we found that there were not too many people here, walking on the soft sand and blowing a slightly savory sea breeze. Feel good and comfortable.

I don't have much photographs left at Badaguan. I walk around here and look at some of the houses. It is said that this was the villa area of ​​the capitalists that year. I feel as if I haven’t looked at my head and weaved a few streets before leaving.


The second day was mainly to see the May Fourth Square. As a result, it was discovered that there was a bathhouse nearby. After checking the map of Gaode, it was known that it was called the Third Beach. There were many people here and there, and there were many more people than the second bathing beach!

The sea water is cool, I didn't dare to go into the water, just let the sea beat my feet.

To my curiosity, there are many algae that have been washed ashore by seawater. These algae are as delicate as hair.

The sculpture near the Third Beach is this? Know how to say.

Finally arrived at the destination: May Fourth Square! Du Niang told me: Wusi Square was named after the May 4th Movement. As we all know, the great anti-imperialist patriotic movement that broke out in 1919 , the fuse of the May Fourth Movement, was the sovereignty issue of Qingdao. Since the German occupation of Qingdao in 1897 , the Chinese people have been working hard to recover the sovereignty of Qingdao. After Japan overtook Germany to occupy Qingdao in 1914 , it aroused strong opposition from the people across the country. World War I ended in November 1918. January 1919, in Paris, France "peace conference," China as victors attended the meeting, proposed to recover the Qingdao sovereignty legitimate demands, but was rejected countries Britain, France, the US and Japan, and forced the Qingdao sovereignty Transfer to Japan. The news shocked the country, Beijing students held demonstrations on May 4, urged refuse to sign, shouting "fight to the death and strive to Qingdao sovereignty", "Give me my Shandong, Qingdao, also I" and other slogans. The patriotic behavior of students was supported by the people throughout the country. In the opposition voice of the whole nation, the Chinese government of Beiyang was forced to refuse to sign the Paris Peace Conference and smashed the plot of Japan’s attempt to permanently invade Qingdao. In the heroic struggle of the Chinese people, and finally in December 12, 1922 to recover the Qingdao sovereignty. In view of the special relationship between Qingdao and the May 4th Movement, the Qingdao municipal party committee and the municipal government decided to name the newly constructed square “May Fourth Square.”

Along the May Fourth Square, the next destination is the Olympic Sailing Center, which is already in the evening.

The following figure is the most satisfactory for my trip. To feel like the rhythm abroad .......

Qingdao is beautiful under sunset! !

All photos here have not been made late.

The size of the Olympic Sailing Center was so great that I walked around every place and saw the lighthouse in the distance, so I walked towards the lighthouse.

Written in the last: the line of Qingdao, in fact, there are many photographs did not offer, mainly because the gist of this post is to show iPhone SE camera quality, but I mostly shoot with a Leica Q, perhaps over period I will come to visit Leica in Qingdao on that day. Closer to home, I feel that the iPhone SE 's camera still seems to be in the top category today. The iPhone SE can shoot pretty good photos both day and night . The photos taken by the iPhone SE have not been made late, but only occasionally used HDR , and later shrink the picture only. After a while, iPhone 7 is said to be on the market. If you think that iPhone 7 is too expensive, you may consider iPhone SE . The price is cheap and sufficient. In my opinion, if you choose a mobile phone, you only need to use it, but you do not have to buy the top-level iPhone . What are you talking about?

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