Small body, great wisdom - young good blue 3S experience report

Speaking of Meizu this year, it is like opening a concert. In April , three major conferences were held. The major “stars” are also shining. Charm Blue Note3 , Meizu Pro6 , Charm Blue 3 , and Charm Blue 3 is just not listed. to 2 months it is also cost-effective when deposited amazing charm blue 3, June 13 Meizu has released another new cost-effective mobile phone - charm blue 3s, while the blue charm Why so favored have been released The charm blue model of mobile phones, the reason for the charm blue as Meizu's sub-brand for the Meizu to bring the income can not be underestimated, naturally, Meizu also become the darling of children; this hundred yuan phone is comparable to thousands of yuan in function, Meizu on the phone bring us not only a surprise, but also subverted our view of the phone, for mobile phones can no longer be the same as the price of heroes, if you do not believe it then come together to feel this low price high performance The phone.

Preliminary impression

When you first got the Meizu 3s , it was a bit incredible, 16GB of memory, 2GB of memory, eight-core 64 -bit processor is really a hundred yuan machine? Meizu's brand has heard and reputation in the country is still fairly good, today this 3s is to make up for me not used Meizu regrets. The overall appearance is more compact and elegant, both in the appearance of the beauty and the use of the handle are good positioning, body metal body, 360 ° sandblasting design feel supple, body weight 138g , size 141.9x69.9x8.3mm , It's just right in the hand and the weight won't be bulky, either with one hand or with both hands.

Charm Blue 3s packaging still follows the simple style of the past, can also be seen in the fuselage Meizu 3s kind of familiar figure, a kind of fruit like a mobile phone appearance, but still can see the Meizu style. Compared to the charm blue 3 plastic shell, Meizu 3s uses a metal body design, three-stage design structure, CNC cutting and high light T- slot these designs actually appeared as early as MX5 and charm blue note3 , and in the charm The blue 3s body can also see this high-end design can be seen Meizu for this design is already in full swing, so that it will penetrate this technology to the low-end machine.

Charm Blue 3s screen uses 720P TFT material 2.5D5.0 inches screen, the pixel density is 294ppi , the screen edge has a slight curvature, the appearance of Yingzheng full of stylish atmosphere, narrow border Mback key, but this border is not the narrowest in today However, the physical key is very Meizu style. A row of designs on the top of the screen, the edge of the metal silver edge design plus the back line process arc, before and after the perfect convergence so that the body is smooth. However, the volume keys and the opening key on the side are slightly raised, which is not very good on the touch but the feedback of the key is indeed obvious. The bottom of the physical button is oval, equipped with mBack and mTouch2.1 fingerprint recognition technology, the actual experience of the physical button trigger pressure is appropriate and excessive soft, depression will not feel too comfortable, but fingerprint identification needs to light up the screen to achieve the fingerprint Unlocking, this is a bit tedious, if you use a fingerprint to light up the screen while also unlocking it is faster.

The symmetrical design at the bottom of the row, the middle of a USB interface, and two small screws, each of which locks the two exposed screws. I don't like the two most exposed screws. The left side is actually a pickup port. The top is a bit simple on a 3.5mm audio interface.

On the back is a three-stage design structure. In fact, this design concept has been used on many mobile phones. There is a similar design on the Meizu MAX series, the middle metal material, the upper and lower ends are composite materials, split the two ends The lines are recessed. This feels obvious on the touch. The rear camera of Charm Blue 3s is embedded inside and perfectly blends with the surrounding back panel. It is also natural when it is placed on the phone. To prevent the lens from being rubbed, there is a dual-color flash under the lens, which is also embedded. Side is a sim card slot, support Netcom 5gwifi , card slot can also be placed TF card is TF card and SIM card share a slot, this is not how optimistic, once better sim card is also TF card Take it out together.

Actual experience

Charm Blue 3s is based on Andoid5.1 developed Flyme5.1 system, equipped with MediaTek MT6750 , eight-core 64 -bit processor, the highest frequency of 1.5GHz , built-in 2GB storage and 16GB storage space, support MicroSD expansion ( 128GB ), interface Still fresh and refined, MT6750 is a mid-range Android processor, using z+z , LTECat6 program, and equipped with Mali-T860 graphics processor, which is characterized by low power consumption and new stable, used in Charm Blue 3s this paragraph price of the most mobile phones Perfect enough.

Simple icons, the interface switching is also very smooth, the application is not bound and the user can also uninstall, give the user more freedom and space.

First of all, to experience fingerprint recognition, home key application mTouch2.1 fingerprint recognition technology, can enter up to 5 fingerprints, recognition speed is OK, recognition rate is high 360 ° full recognition, but the shortcoming has just mentioned in the above charm A disadvantage of blue 3s fingerprint recognition is that it is not here. mTouch2.1 lock function can not only achieve, but also to support other programs set for the program in the app, document encryption settings, etc., to do really good in terms of security.

If you think of mTouch2.1 on these features, then you are too small to see Meizu technology, mTouch2.1 is also very good in mobile payments, can support Alipay a fingerprint payment, so that the security of the account is more secure.

Charm Blue 3s system has added a floating ball setting. For this ball setting, I'm going to huh. The floating ball's movement needs long press and can't drag directly. Because the float ball needs to swipe left and right to switch the interface and when we're in the sliding mobile interface. When you accidentally misunderstand the ball to the suspended ball, the interface will often jump to another interface, it is not very practical in use. And its function is a function of quickly switching the interface, personal feeling can be ignored, but fortunately this floating ball can close the self-selection.

The gesture wakeup function is also an auxiliary setting. Some specific functions can be achieved by sliding the slide sequence. However, this requires you to memorize these gestures, otherwise you will often misoperate. The setting of oversized fonts allowed the users of Charm Blue 3s to expand to the range of the elderly. Although older people may not always use Charm Blue, they are very thoughtful in this regard.

This feature may be the most popular feature, it is also a feature, you still worry about not getting red envelopes, you are still worried about no time to miss the red envelope, as long as you open the red envelope assistant can receive the first time Red envelope information, once opened, it will automatically jump to the red envelope chat interface, and there are seven kinds of voice reminders, quite considerate, if you think this is not fast enough, just shake it and grab it The red envelope is not awesome. With this function, my mother no longer has to worry about me not getting red envelopes.

The Flyme system supports personalized settings. The main body and fonts are only one system default, which is a bit less, but online wallpaper makes up for this deficiency.

The other is the Do Not Disturb feature. I am still quite optimistic about this function. Users can set it manually or set it regularly. You can refuse people who do not want to contact through the Do Not Disturb setting. Maybe you would say that this is not the flight mode? In fact, when the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on, the mobile phone still maintains the smooth connection and communication, but the ringtones and message reminders are not reminded, so if you don't want to bother and want to play the mobile phone for a long time, you can turn on the Do Not Disturb mode.

The image processing function is also quite powerful, and can be specifically divided into two types. The first is the landscape processing. The second is the character processing. The processing of the image has four main functions: filter, adjustment, tool box, and cropping. It can achieve 18 kinds of filter effects with only one filter, and the options are rich and varied. The character's handling is very good, if you do not have a careful experience, it is difficult to find this feature, when the screen captures the outline of the character, a star icon will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. Click this icon to process the character image. There are also seven filter effects added to the character's filter. There are also ten processing tools on the toolbox, all of which are set for the beautification of the character. This should be a good choice for girls.


Performance Testing

Running test

The security Bunny's running score is 38291. The score is ranked at 30. Among them, 3D performance is 4319 points, UX performance is 15713 points, CPU performance is 13657 points, and RAM performance is 4602 points. From the 3D performance and CPU performance can be seen on the general performance of the game performance, CPU for the mid-level chip, to meet the daily use.


Game testing

A speed-based game and a 3D -type game were specifically downloaded on the mobile phone to test, “The Temple Run” will not be affected by the delay and Caton in terms of speed. The characters jump quickly and the interface transition is smooth and natural. The sound is also very crisp. "Dragon Eight 3D " is also very smooth in the game. The running of the characters and the swaying of the leaves are natural and smooth. The effects of striking the scenes are beautiful and there are not many sawtooths. In order to better reflect its performance, I will open the music player in the background and play the music over and over again. If you play 3D games, the result of the experiment will not be affected. This is already quite good for the mobile phone at this price point.


Sound quality test

Meizu 3s is mtk integrated chip in terms of sound quality and there is not much advantage, bass and midrange and high pitch is not obvious, tri-band transition is flat, the whole song can only be heard to say soso , no wonder at the conference on Charm Blue 3s The quality of the sound is not mentioned, and it will not be that the hundred-dollar machine will not expect too much from the sound quality.


Life test

Meizu 3s charging curve can be seen, the charging speed is not fast, rise substantially uniform, although the charging rate unpleasant but really good endurance, charm blue 3s carrying a large battery 2870mAH, CorePilotTM 2.0 using heterogeneous computing technology, so that each The sub-power is all at its best value, while Flyme5.1 power by YunOS is optimized for power consumption, life can be assured, personal use is full of electricity using WeChat chat, watch video, call, and about 30% left in one day. If it's just a simple phone call, it's more abundant.


Photo test


Charm Blue 3s is equipped with a 1300w rear camera 500w front camera, up to 0.2s phase focus, with dual-color flash in the dark place can fill light to ensure that the picture color accuracy. The function is also very rich, including exposure time, sensitivity, manual focus, exposure compensation, saturation and so on.

The photo effect is very natural, there will be no incongruous picture appearing to emphasize the color, the color is also very clear, the three primary colors of red, green and blue are very clear in place, no matter if it is the restoration of the illumination or the color is very natural.

This picture was taken under low light conditions. It can be seen from the picture that even though the light illumination is dark, it can still shoot a very realistic picture. The texture and pattern of the wall are clear, and the color connection will not be stiff. .

The sharp focus of 0.2s is very easy to take pictures, and the image depth of field effect is also very good. In this picture, the pink petals are stained with yellow pollen. Although they are small, they can still be seen. The color of the flower petals changes gradually from white to pink, which is very natural.

The color of the picture will not be too serious if the picture is light in a well-lit environment.

to sum up


The whole experience of 10 days, every day in the study and experience of the phone's function, in the practical application of life are trying to use charm blue 3s to experience, in general, this price of mobile charm blue 3s cost is very high, From the appearance to the core, from the function to the concept Charm Blue 3s brings me not only the subversion of the price but also a new understanding of the mobile phone. Charm Blue 3s Whether it is the appearance of the metal body, fingerprint unlocking, 2.5D arc glass or smooth Flyme5.1 system and mBack 's to blessing, eight-core 64 -bit processor, eMMC5.0 high-speed flash memory are quite awesome , for a The 699 yuan mobile phone can have this high and new energy configuration is already quite good.  

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