599 can also be high value charm blue 3 experience evaluation

Charm Blue 3 is a cost-effective mobile phone released by Meizu in April this year. Its beautiful design and ultra-low price make many mobile phone manufacturers secretly complain. Meizu who hold the thigh is really different now. This is a living task. Killed low-end domestic brands. The price of Charm Blue 3 is 599. It's estimated that the applause will be on the spot when the conference price bursts. Through the use of this period of time, for this 599 price Charm Blue 3 is also considered to have a further understanding, today is here to share with you.

The advantages of this product are obvious, the ultra-low price of 599 yuan, beautiful design, 2.5D arc glass and Flyme system all make this product have a very good market competitiveness, and the same price mobile phone now on the market In contrast, no one thinks that the value of the face is comparable to the Charm Blue 3.

Of course, there are cheap and natural reasons for the cheap, the sky is not possible to drop the pie, the biggest weakness of this product is the screen resolution of 1280x720, and the quality control caused by compression costs. In front of many users who have become accustomed to the 1080P screen, the 720P is somewhat shabby, and the decline in quality control also makes this product have some minor flaws, such as the SIM card slot and the fuselage do not fit closely, Home button around Some small glitches and so on, are far from the quality of Meizu's high-end products, but the price of 599 yuan is really embarrassing and demand more. Here we take a look at this product with the author.

Charm Blue 3's packaging uses a settlement design, which is a very mainstream mobile phone packaging design, nothing too much to say. Below the phone is the manual, card pin, charging head and data cable.

Charm Blue 3 accessories counted on the standard accessories, card pin, charging head and data lines are, there is no headset this point to see on the 599 yuan is also forgiven. According to Lei Jun, the price of the machine is not the charging head and data lines can also be streamlined, after all, everyone should have a lot.

The front of the fuselage is a 5-inch screen, the resolution mentioned above is 1280x720, which is 720P high-definition screen, the screen pixel density is 294PPI, and uses the GFF full fit technology, the screen brightness reaches 380cd/m2. Charm Blue 3 screen using 2.5D arc design, this design can significantly enhance the product's face value, improve product quality, which is the first time in the 599 yuan price model with the same, here must applause.

At the top of the screen is a front 500 pixel camera, the bottom of the screen is the Home button, this Home button can be said that the design is very easy to get, the button is embedded with a metal frame, people have a illusion of fingerprint recognition module, of course, Charm Blue 3 and no fingerprint recognition The price of 599 yuan, you don't think about it.

The back of the fuselage is a 1300W pixel camera, and LED dual color temperature lights, the maximum aperture F2.2. The configuration of the camera is relatively common, there is not much to say, but the basic camera needs are still able to meet.

The top of the fuselage is 3.5mm headphone jack, the bottom of the fuselage is a microphone, speaker and Micro USB interface.

The left side of the fuselage is an integrated SIM card and TF card slot, the right side of the fuselage is the volume control button and power button. Charm Blue 3 adopts a dual-card full Netcom design and supports the mobile Unicom Telecom 4G network. The card slot design adopts the combination of SIM1 SIM2/TF card. The user can choose between dual card and capacity expansion.

Charm Blue 3 body is a plastic design, material and iPhone 5C the same, using a polycarbonate, color, gold, white, blue, gray, pink water optional. The background is CNC machined, corrosion resistant and scratch resistant. Although it is a plastic body, but holding the feel is still very good, and even more than a lot of metal body grip should be comfortable. And in the fuselage and screen fit, Charm Blue 3 is also relatively satisfactory, the screen and the fuselage fit closely, with your fingers without obvious deformation and open plastic sound.

In terms of hardware configuration, Charm Blue 3 uses MediaTek MT6750 eight-core processor, 2GB RAM 16GB ROM/3GB RAM, and 32GB ROM basic hardware combination. Although the hardware configuration is not outstanding, but with the Flyme operating system, the overall fluency and experience is still good.

The Charm Blue 3 uses a Meizu Flyme5.1.3 system based on Ali Yun OS 3.1. However, from the appearance and use, there is no obvious difference between it and the ordinary Flyme. Flyme's system experience and optimization have always been good, and it can run very smoothly under such hardware configuration. When opening some of the more complex programs, occasionally some dropped frames, but it can be ignored.

However, for MediaTek's this processor, if you want to run a large-scale 3D game, it is to find yourself unhappy, and some daily applications and mini-games are still fine.

At the end of writing, Charm Blue 3 is actually a cost-effective product with a high value for money. The price of 599 yuan is a very good choice for budget-conscious and friends who need to prepare equipment. The biggest highlight of this product is still his design, if only from the perspective of industrial design, 599 yuan Charm Blue 3 does not lose a lot of thousands of products now, and even more than a thousand dollars to do Be beautiful. However, the relatively weak hardware configuration will also limit the application of this product to some extent, but we will not ask for more at this price.

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